‘CFA’ comments unfair to volleyball player

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It is with great sadness, disappointment and extreme frustration that I am responding to most of the comments in response to the article “CFAs provide a big boost for women’s

v-ball team,” The Telegram, Monday, Aug. 5.

Speaking about the Canada Games outcome, please remember it is a team sport. They all rise and fall as a team! The joy of volleyball is that it is impossible to succeed with a few “star players.”  

Did they perform to the best they should have? No, but did they represent? Yes!

Now regarding the “CFAs.” My daughter did not just come to N.L. for just university alone, she gave up several volleyball scholarship offers at top universities in Ontario and Alberta to play volleyball in the Atlantic region.  

To her, it was about the experience and learning about a new way of life, one that boasted about the small-town living, the kindness of strangers and the beauty of the environment she is living in.  

She chose to leave her university in New Brunswick as a setter with scholarship offers and as rookie of the year in the ACAA to become part of what was supposed to be the start to a new volleyball family, because to her volleyball wasn’t just about the game and being the best, it is also about learning, growing together, supporting one another and pushing yourself to become even better.

She has sacrificed time away from her friends and family to become part of N.L.   

There have been some bright spots, but also some extremely negative and hurtful experiences — to go through a whole volleyball season and, now, summer games, as an outsider knowing that no one wants you there, not because of your skills but because of where you come from, because you have stolen a place from someone that “belongs” from there.

She didn’t take a place from someone else.  

She earned her place! She has put in the relentless hours of practices, the years of dedication, the years of not hanging out with friends and family and untold amounts of $$ to pursue a dream.

She chose N.L.!

I raised her to believe that wherever you hang your hat it is your home. Treat it with respect, kindness, be responsible and give back.

She has taken an active part in what is happening in N.L., not just as a volleyball player but as a citizen.

She has done nothing but promote “your” province to the outside world through sport, bringing focus to environmental issues and tourism.

She has had the incredible luxury and earned the right of being trained by some of the top coaches in both Canada and the U.S.A. She has so much knowledge she wants to offer and share, but instead you slam her and make her want to leave.

She has not only the knowledge but the skill to help grow your younger players. Despite how people view her, she has been asked and will share that know-how with the younger players from around her province, N.L., because it is where she chose to hang her hat.

N.L. is where she lives, works, who she represents and the colours she chose to wear!

If you want to make your Newfoundland and Labrador Volleyball Association players strong, it starts with an attitude, the attitude of hard work, earning your spot, pushing harder than anyone else is willing to push and — most importantly — respect and learning from those that have something to teach no matter where they are from.

Someday, your child or grandchild may be seeking the opportunity to excel or live a new experience and hopefully as a “CFA” they  will be treated better than my daughter has been.

They will be welcomed with open arms, because there will be someone like me making sure that they are taken care of, loved and cherished for all they have to offer, as they deserve to feel like they belong because that is where they chose to hang their hat!

P.S. Thank you Robin Short for the wonderful story. It was greatly appreciated.

A proud mom of a Newfoundlander.

Tina Jubinville

Victoria, B.C.

Geographic location: Ontario, Alberta, Atlantic New Brunswick Canada

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Recent comments

  • Joyce M
    August 16, 2013 - 07:02

    I feel for you. I feel bad that you felt strongly enough to write a letter in our local newspaper condemmimg the treatment of your daughter. You describe your daughter in great detail. Thanks for that. We get a feel of how fantastic she is. But I also feel your not getting the point of the dissappointment in our young athletes. It is nothing personal against your child. She's a real sparky and this experince has been no doubt positive for her and something she will remember as a highlight of her life. Good for her. But it is the eligibility rules for the Canada Games. Nothing wrong was done here. No one is questioning the motives of the coaches or PSO as they followed all the rules. It is just people of this province are upset that our own athletes who these coaches train from a very young age are legally allowed to chose atheltes to train in our selection pool when they are only in the province for a couple months. Especially when the pool was selected back in Nov of 2011 when your daughter was a student at a university in another province. They worked their guts out for these coaches and I feel bad that you can't feel some sympathy for those girls.

  • Frank Hall
    August 15, 2013 - 06:20

    Ms. mom of CFA. How can you sook that your daughter was not well received. An injustice was done to athletes from Newfoundland and you want sympathy. Do you pay propety tax in Newfoundland? We welcome any one to our great province but I think Team NL should be reserved for the training athletes that pay into our sports programs.

  • Denise hollaway
    August 15, 2013 - 06:17

    Sorry Ms. Jubinville that you feel so saddened. But do you realize that your story is at the expense of a fellow newfoundlander. How can you expect any other response when kids from our great province have been training up to two years to reach Canada Games. My child participated in another sport at Canada Games and had the most fantastic time with his fellow provincial team. I do believe that womens volleyball was the only team out of 271 athletes to bring to girls who were not from newfoundland. How can you say she was treated badly. What do you want lady, a medal!

  • Womens Canada Games Selection Pool Athlete
    August 14, 2013 - 16:47

    I just wanted to respond to this proud parent. In Nov. of 2011 I was chosen for the first cut of the selection pool for this team. I was so delighted as this was a dream of mine. I worked a part time job to help with the financial aspect of being in this pool. I am an honors student. I also worked my butt off to stay in this pool. I trained at Swilers 3 times a week and worked out at the gym 4 times a week. In Oct. 2012 our pool was informed there would be another try out. Surprise to everyone. Some girls were cut but we gained some potential team members. Your daughter was not even a resident of NL for 3 months when she was chosen for this pool. I was cut later down the road. I was devastated to lose my spot to someone who was only here a short timeyear prior to represent my province. You are complaining but our province, NL sports, NLVA and the Canada Games rules welcomed your daughter with open arms. Your daughter attended all mandatory training did she not? She got to go to the High Performance tournament in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida which was mandatory training was it not? And the ultimate dream of attending Canada Games as a member of a NL team. I think she did pretty awesome for someone who was not welcome here. Especially for someone to represent Nl who was not even a resident of our province for 12 months. Sorry us dropped team mates are bitter but we also are elite players and had big dreams of playing on this team and thought it unfair. Respectfully A SORE LOSER

  • Ed Power
    August 14, 2013 - 13:55

    As someone who lived and worked outside of Newfoundland for 25 year as a member of the Canadian Forces, whose children were born in Ottawa and Summerside (PEI), and who has a son serving as a Police Officer in Edmonton, I understand your frustration, Ms. Jubinville. While most people from here appreciate the opportunity to live and work elsewhere in Canada, there are some - too many, unfortunately - who would deny this same right to people who wish to live here. The hypocrisy is stunning. I would like to thank your daughter for choosing to attend university here, and I wish her well in all her academic and sporting endeavours. I hope she will be as happy here as my son is in his new home.