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  • Doug Smith
    August 17, 2013 - 21:30

    Mr. Pomeroy, you must have been suffering from heat stroke or some other malady when you wrote your missive. It is full of errors and when you try to admonish others you should know what you are talking about. It is clear you either don’t know or you are ignoring the truth. First of all, you claim that the saints and Jesus are, “exemplars of morality”. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will remember in Genesis that God committed mass murder with the Flood. There are at least 100 passages in the Bible where God causes the death of men, women and even innocent children. Mr. Pomeroy where is the morality in all that? The saints are a joke. The late Pope John Paul the second, is on the path to sainthood because he performed two miracles. Now get this Mr. Pomeroy, he performed these miracles not when he was alive but when he was dead. Does the Catholic church think everyone is an idiot? In another part of your letter you complain that some people today “… don’t remember there was a time when all people were not considered equal and were, therefore, not considered to have equal rights…” Mr. Pomeroy anyone who has studied history knows all people were never considered equal and never had equal rights. Slavery and the inferior status of women since day one, are the two best examples. By the way, even in this day and age the Catholic church still relegates women to second class status in the organization and the Church not only discriminates against women but gays and lesbians as well. Mr. Pomeroy , we the people, do not need any statues or crosses to remind us of the evil ways of religion. Finally, Mr. Pomeroy you complain that today there is “… moral ambiguity and confusion…” Once again Mr. Pomeroy you got it wrong. There is no moral ambiguity for the people, you must have been thinking about all those priests who abused little boys, all those bishops and cardinals who tried to cover up for the church. You must be thinking about the Christian Brothers and their evil ways. Mr. Pomeroy , the people know what those members of the church did was wrong. There is no ambiguity or confusion about that. We don’t need statues or crosses to remind us of the church’s evil ways. There is no confusion about that either. Doug Smith, Grand Falls-Windsor

  • Eliza
    August 17, 2013 - 07:57

    Thank you, Mr. Pomeroy, for a most insightful and worthy read.