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  • Ron Tizzard
    August 17, 2013 - 09:26

    Thank you for that Jack. Nl has to ponder, and make up its mind what to to do about new immigrants to the province who grace our 'safe shores'! We must make up our minds, collectively, how to respond to our otherwise 'welcomed' guests' who 'must' seek asylum to our safe, welcoming shores, and take it upon themseles to scar our very own 'rights and privilages' which they, themselves seek, and we most welcomely share with them. We welcome those who are are forced to leave their very own shores for safety, respect and freedom...we offer them no positive succor by permitting them to undermind, and disrespect the very foundations of privilege, freedom and safety by succuming to their very raw insecurities and childlike demands of their 'NEW FOUND LAND. Our continued cowering to their demands will only serve to enrage our own people and develop derision and scorn from the people of this province. No good can come from permitting our new guests to dismantal all that we hold to be 'right' and beautiful. No good can be derived from turning a blind-eye to their ungrateful demands upon what we hold to be respectable and representative of our treasured values, beliefs and rights. Their abominable demands 'from get-go' should be plugged RIGHT-NOW; or I predict that they will very soon be the authors of their own derision and rejection in this Province..which would be very sad. The iconic statue of St. Clare should be restored to its honourable, welcoming place at St. Clares, the crosses restored to the schools where they have been removed. etc., etc.. No good can come from us treating these 'new guests' like two-year olds. Our welcoming arms will soon tire from the the weight and 'emotional burdens' being demanded by our new guests. If these concerns are not addressed, they will soon be rejected and will be seeking another place of solace. Replace, or leave St. Clare where she is/was! Restore the crosses to our schools etc., etc.. immediately. Personally, I already fear that I am wavering in my support of our new 'potential' guests. Thes people should be welcomed to our share our treasured culture; should they complain, they should be informed that they are free to leave our shores anytime they choose. These are very blunt words, shared only to frame a solid foundation for a new way of life for these people. we do them no favors by permitting them to draw us down to their current level...we need to lift them up to our level, to where they need to come, for now, where they'll begin to feel whole and 'find themselves' once again.