The slippery slope

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So it begins.

The obliteration of any vestige of this province’s Christian past. I can begin to hear the triumphant cry “separation of church and state,” forgetting the irony that our head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, just happens to also be, wait for it, head of the Church of England. As they (whoever they are) say “epic fail” on that one.

It starts off small with the removal of crosses in public places and moves on

to things like the restriction of public employees having any sort of visible religious item on their person.

It finally continues on until the fanatical fringe become like the Taliban, blowing up Buddhist imagery to rid themselves of any reminder of their inconvenient history.

They will not stop their attack on any vestiges of religion until they rest in the knowledge that the capital of this fine province is known as Greater Mount Pearl.

Edward Martin

Bay Bulls

Organizations: Church of England, Taliban

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Recent comments

  • Herb Morrison
    August 19, 2013 - 11:16

    Mr. Martin. Fear-mongering is not a Christian concept or Principle of the Christian Faith.

  • Ed Power
    August 19, 2013 - 09:58

    I might remind Mr. Martin that the Taliban are a "fanatical fringe" group of religious zealots fighting for a theocratic state based upon their own interpretation of a Holy Book and not a secular or atheist organization from which one 'can begin to hear the triumphant cry "separation of church and state"'. You are correct when you state that there is irony in the fact that "our head of state, Queen Elizabeth II just happens to be....the Head of the Church of England", but this is the result of a series of unfortunate historical events and not some sort of Divine providence. Had Prince Arthur not died in 1502, his younger brother Henry might never have become king. If, as King Henry VIII, he been able to sire a legitimate male child - or one that survived childbirth - a princely heir would have been produced, and the need for a divorce and a succession of wives, annulments, papal dispensations, executions, political and theological intrigues and, ultimately, the creation of his own church might never have happened. Had "goode" King Henry successfully produced a Prince early in his reign, he might then have been able to devote himself more fully to the traditional Kingly pursuits of warring, whoring and snoring.

    • Ed Martin
      August 19, 2013 - 17:36

      I am acutely aware of what the Taliban represents, but there elements of the secular world who share a similar zeal if albeit a non-theistic one. I am also well aware of the events surrounding the foundation of the Church of England, but to suggest that the fact of the structure of our government is based upon a number of unfortunate historical events is like saying if only Montcolm had won the day we would all be speaking French.

  • Doug Smith
    August 19, 2013 - 08:50

    Mr. Martin, you enumerated some actions; removal of crosses in public places, restricting public employees from having any sort of visible religious item on their person, changing the capital’s name to Greater Mount Pearl, which if enacted’ would lead to the emancipation of the people from the overlords of religion. Something truly to be hoped for. Doug Smith, Grand Falls-Windsor

    • Ed Martin
      August 19, 2013 - 17:25

      Mr. Smith the twentieth century gives us plenty of evidence of the tragedy that befalls man when he is "emancipated from the overlords and religion" and accepts the overloading of the state.