Stop Tasering Canadians

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I am disgusted when I see on local and national news police killing — by mistake or otherwise — suspects/criminals/citizens with Tasers.

Not disarming them, not waiting them out, not talking it out, not surrounding them, not doing anything that would make sense to the average intelligent person.

Is society modelling what it sees on its favourite cop shows or are the police modelling what they see on their favourite cop shows? Real life is getting like the worst that TV has to offer.

It’s time that our police get back to doing what they signed up to do: to protect and serve the public, not stop and Taser the life out of citizens at bus stops, airports and supermarkets, which too often happens in Canada.

It’s time that Canadians stand against this disgusting way of treating citizens. The use of this killing weapon has been going on for years and far too many people have paid the price with their life. Politicians have ignored the pleas and calls to shut this killing weapon down. It’s time for politicians across Canada to do the right thing and abolish this weapon in Canada.

The least we can do is get our police better training and teach them how to better manage and defend themselves and the public in critical situations. Their current strategies seem to be failing and that is not good enough in a free and democratic society.

Call it whatever fancy name that you want — a Taser, a conducted-energy weapon or an electrically charged frying machine — in the wrong hands it still comes out a killer. Regardless of the proper protocols, the only one that seems to matter is shoot first and ask for forgiveness later.

Surely, our police forces across Canada, who are professionally trained, can find more effective ways to “take down” a situation rather than use their conducted weapon of choice, the killing Taser.

I will be writing my MP and others in Ottawa to ask them to take a long look at how this deadly weapon is being used by our police forces. I ask others who feel the same way to write, tweet or phone their MP and get this killing machine off our streets.

This weapon is not fit for man or beast.

P.J. Dwyer


Geographic location: Taser, Canada, Ottawa

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Recent comments

  • Jane Blogs
    August 28, 2013 - 01:34

    The taser is NOT an "intervention" tool or less than lethal force. It is a weapon that kills or at least scars one for life as it disrupts the natural heart rhythm and nervous system of the body. As you noted, it is used against individuals to "comply" with police. Thus forcing individuals to do whatever the officer in question demands without any self defense for the individual. Your own wording shows its abuse and shows why some police are looked up on as cowards for wanting such a tool. Just because it does not kill right away does not make it an alternative for their hand gun and any officer that would be quick to use either tool shows they are unfit to wear that badge

  • Harvey
    August 22, 2013 - 08:40

    The taser is a intervention tool that is less than lethal force. When used properly it is highly effective in having a individual comply with police. Yes, there have been times when it was misused and yes there have been unfortunate incidents where some people have died after being tasered however whether this was due to merely the taser itself or other factors that the police may not have been immediately aware of, I don't know. The alternative is police to pull their firearm and what would you say is the better option then? Just saying!