Traffic turmoil in Paradise

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By Mike Rose

I am a concerned resident of Lakeside Subdivision in Paradise. The town is having some work done on the section of Topsail Road from McNamara Drive to just past Glenderek Drive. So, over the next three to four months, there will be periodic detours through our subdivision, as well as the adjacent Vista Crest subdivision. Work started early on Friday, Aug. 16, and I quickly realized how much traffic will pass through during the course of this construction.

I understand the necessity of the work and detour. My concern is with the speeds at which some people are driving through this residential area. I have seen many vehicles pass by our home at speeds significantly higher than the posted limit of 30 kilometres per hour. We are close to an intersection and vehicles are taking the turn onto our street at high speeds and accelerating up the hill.

Getting in and out of our driveway has become a high-risk endeavour.  In fairness to these drivers, the contractor and/or town had only seen fit to place one speed sign at the entrance to our subdivision on Aug. 16. This sign seemed a distant memory to most after travelling just a few hundred feet past it.

I first contacted town officials late Friday morning after watching our subdivision turn into a speedway before my eyes. Since that time, there have been numerous emails requesting more signage (I also indicated signs are not enough), speed bumps and the presence of Municipal Enforcement and the RNC. The general response has been that they are monitoring the situation.

Sometime over the weekend, I noticed a couple signs on the short section of Lanark Drive which is affected by the detour. Vehicles are halfway through the detour by the time they reach these signs. After contacting the town again on Monday, I arrived home on Tuesday afternoon to find a couple signs on our street and a digital sign on Lanark Drive (again, halfway through the detour) reminding drivers of the speed limit.

I guess this could be considered progress. However, after watching traffic for an hour or so late Tuesday afternoon, I confirmed what I had previously indicated to town officials — signs are not enough! I again emailed town officials and advised them of this. At least with a few speed bumps, people have little choice but to slow down if they want to avoid damage to their vehicle. There have been speed bumps in place for quite some time on a number of roads in our town. I am not sure of the reason for all of them, however, I see no reason why there can’t be a few placed in these subdivisions during this construction period.

On Tuesday evening, I decided to attend the town council meeting with the hope of getting my point across and getting some answers. Not being allowed to speak at the meeting, I sat patiently and waited for the issue to be discussed. The outcome of the discussion was essentially that they would continue to monitor the situation.

Apparently, the RNC and Municipal Enforcement are patrolling the area. I am unsure whether any vehicles have been stopped and/or ticketed. Believe me, a strategically placed RNC officer would quickly develop writer’s cramp from issuing tickets, especially during the morning and evening rush hours.

Unfortunately, despite their statements to the contrary, I do not feel the town is taking these concerns seriously. They have a responsibility to the tax-paying residents of this town to ensure public safety is first and foremost.

Something further needs to be done before someone is hurt, or worse, killed.

Mike Rose


Geographic location: Paradise, Topsail Road

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Recent comments

  • Speeders
    August 26, 2013 - 12:39

    What is it with the people that speed? I know of 4 people that recently visited St. John's and area, they were in absolute disbelief at how many people break the law there when it comes to speeding and running stop signs. One guy said he counted three cars that went through a red light before he could go on his green. Speeders, please tell us why you are in such a hurry, so much so that you are risking yourself and innocent people, hopefully not killing anyone. Are you going to the hospital with a life threatening sickness? Are you a Doctor that has to go to save someone's life? Is it because you can't stand to have someone in front of you? It is a proven fact that with dangerous driving that you only get to your destination, maybe five minutes before a person driving with prudence. So, speeders please tell us why you speed? Or are you to busy speeding around the area to even take time to read articles that may save your life or a loved one.

    • JamesW
      August 26, 2013 - 17:59

      It's purely selfish reasons and ignorance(no knowledge or concern) that people do not obey the rules of the road. Their lives are either too busy and unorganized or they are too lazy to leave for work earlier to get there on time without driving like their hair is on fire or making constant aggressive decisions on the road.It's the same thing at the end of the day.High time for photo-radar in this province for infamous chronic areas.LEAVE EARLIER. EXPECT DELAYS. SLOW DOWN! DRIVE DEFENSIBLY, or pay the price for your actions.

  • Paradise resident
    August 26, 2013 - 12:05

    Hats off to you for writing this letter however as a resident of Adams Pond subdivision and having my children playing on our streets this has been a major concern of my and other neighbours. From my experience there will be nothing done. Don't waste your time just learn to live with it, we've had to.

  • Mike Rose
    August 26, 2013 - 08:16

    This letter was written after the council meeting last Tuesday night. It is now six days later and nothing has changed. Surprise, surprise!

  • rose
    August 26, 2013 - 08:15

    Try torbay road if you want to find speeders. They are everywhere. You could have bets on when the next accident is going to happen on Torbay Road. There would be a winner almost every day. Between speeding and not paying attention, it's time to smarten up.