Reckless driving abounds on our roads

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I wish to commend Russell Wangersky for his Aug. 31 column, “Drive at your peril.” I have been driving for 60 years and never have I witnessed the careless and blatant misuse of motor vehicles as in the past few years. It’s worth pointing out that when it comes to peril on our highways, moose are not our main concern.

The police appear conspicuous on the road by their lack of patrols; thus the continuous abuse of the Trans-Canada Highway and motor vehicles. The adage “the law is an ass” certainly applies in this case. Thanks, Russell, for your concern and for expressing it on paper.


Selby Moss

Gander and Happy Adventure

Organizations: Trans-Canada Highway

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Recent comments

  • Colin Burke
    September 05, 2013 - 15:19

    "Driving" a motor vehicle is "reckless" in the first place: it consists in submitting yourself to the outcome of mechanical movement which merely occurs and which one only tries to guide instead of anyone's actually doing it; one will naturally attend more carefully to what one actually does than to what is only occurring, because actually performing an action requires initiative to begin with. (The last few words may present a degree of tautological redundancy.)

  • J
    September 05, 2013 - 08:44

    Truth is most drivers in Newfoundland have been coddled by being allowed to be poor drivers - driving in the left lane blocking traffic, no turn signals, stopping in moving traffic to give a break, not knowing what those shiny metal things or using them when they change lanes, driving to slow, general unawareness to what's going on around them

    • wavy
      September 05, 2013 - 11:24

      All that, plus blatant cellphones and texting. Driving behind someone texting is just like driving behind someone loaded drunk, they're all over the road. It's at least the same level of driving impairment as that of drugs or alcohol. And there's only one way to stop it- enforcement, enforcement, enforcement.