Hey, tourists, leave our weeds alone

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I couldn’t believe the recent letter from Lowell and Deborah Green complaining about “the weeds that flourish along the streets and sidewalks” in St. John’s.

My goodness, weeds are not a bad thing and some are actually very useful. Some even have beautiful flowers that attract butterflies and bumblebees, which we have an abundance of in our beautiful province. I wouldn’t want my city council to hire someone to use harsh chemicals (Roundup) and cause loud noises and air pollution (whipper-snippers) to get rid of a few weeds that are only going to be around for a few months before winter kills them off naturally.

My grandchildren can roll around on my, and my neighbour’s, lawn anytime, because yes, we have weeds mixed in with our grass, and we can also catch trout in a pond behind our houses because we don’t use chemicals to pollute

our waters. That’s another reason why I reside in Newfoundland.

Certainly happy to hear you enjoyed your trip, but please don’t bring anything to kill our weeds.

J.M. Connors

St. John’s

Geographic location: Newfoundland

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