Targa — it’s more trouble than it’s worth

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I’m writing about what I see as a nuisance and a waste of city taxpayers’ money.

Specifically, I’m speaking about the annual disruption to the province’s roads in cities and towns by those car fanatics involved with Targa road racing. Since around noon as I write this (and it’s now 1:30 p.m.), there’s been the steady blowing of air horns and police/fire sirens in the west end of

St. John’s, near the Village Mall. At first I thought there might have been a major emergency in the city, so I called CBC to see if they knew what was going on. I was told that they knew of nothing happening, but that they would find out. An hour later, and with the noise still going on, I called CBC back, and was told that it was in support of Targa.

A couple of points regarding this waste of city resources. First off, had these emergency vehicles been required to attend to a real emergency (I don’t consider Targa anything but a useless waste of resources), how would the headlines read if someone was hurt or died because emergency vehicles were tied up with this nonsense?

Secondly, at the time we were going through some of the warmest days of summer, and most people would like to have their windows open in order to get some fresh air. However, in order to hear ourselves talk, or to hear the radio or television, homes in the vicinity (including mine) had to keep our windows closed, just so we could hear ourselves think.

Thirdly, there are those of us who work shift work and need to sleep during the day. How in the world is this to be accomplished if we have to put up with this noise?

If the city fathers are so supportive of Targa, let me suggest that they hold this annoying event outside of their homes, let’s say around 3 a.m. when they’re trying to sleep. Oh, not such a good idea? Then let me further suggest that they refrain from any future attempts to use city emergency resources for this sort of event, and tell Targa to find somewhere else to annoy people.

It’s now 1:54 p.m., and the sirens and air horns are still going off. What a waste of money!

Terry Alexander

St. John’s

Organizations: CBC

Geographic location: Targa

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