Moose: enriching our lives

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While the vocal minority see moose as roadside bombs or a cancer to be eradicated, most Newfoundlanders see moose as an invaluable resource — soon to be lost, I’m afraid, if concerned hunters don’t start speaking up.

Were it not for moose acting as a speed deterrent, I am convinced the number of fatalities on our highways would increase dramatically. What does every parent and grandparent say to loved ones before they set out on the highway? “Take your time driving — watch out for the moose!”

Take away this natural speed bump and you lose a deterrent against unsafe speed, the cause of most fatalities.

As a hunter of 45 years, I am convinced unless the tens of thousands of us who love hunting — not only for the outdoor experience, but for the hundreds of pounds of natural meat for great family meals — start to lobby government to protect this great resource, then it will be lost.

Despite the fact that we were successful in our hunt this year, I have recently spoken with many hunters from various areas who are convinced that the moose population is in serious decline. I am willing to bet that many hunters this year will have no luck, as the moose are just not there anymore.


David Boyd


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