It doesn’t always feel like a successful province

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Toby Barnes, in a letter to the editor Sept. 24 (“Perplexed by op-ed on premier”) commented that “the province is at the pinnacle of success.”

Tell that to the following thousands of citizens affected by these decisions.

We have school buses on dangerous roads, a school arts program suspended, no all-day kindergarten but hints at a law school at Memorial University, no real help for drug addicts, no protection for teens from drug pushers (will someone explain why sniffer dogs are not everywhere at ferry terminals and airports), Native youngsters committing suicide, homeless people, victims of moose accidents, fruitless information requests thanks to Bill 29, seniors — where to start? money troubles, fear of losing their homes, pension eaten away, rising heat and food costs, no break on HST, no financial help for family caregivers.

What is the government waiting for — us all to disappear?

Our fisherpeople are utterly screwed, our farmers aren’t encouraged. Where’s the course at trades school for that? Did anyone hear we only have three days’ worth of food supplies here in a disaster?

I could go on and on. Government has failed the little people while wining and dining the elite — bowing to the oil, racing to give away our resources, forgetting the environment.

Excuses, schemes, dishonesty. Forgetful of children, teens, the middle-aged and seniors.

“Pinnacle of success”? What a joke for the families of Newfoundland and Labrador.


J.M. French

Southern Shore

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