Fracking through the back door?

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This letter is regarding a recent media release by Tom Hedderson, Environment minister for N.L., stating that Investcan has submitted an environment preview report (EPR) for Flat Bay to drill oil wells and build an access road to the site.

Hedderson will approve the acceptability of the EPR in a decision to be made by Oct. 12, 2013.

In a brochure given to attendees at meetings in Flat Bay and Jeffrey’s this past spring, Investcan states that these wells will not be fracked, per se, but Investcan will be using liquids to break up limestone.

What are these “liquids” to be used at 3000 PSI or even higher?

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines the word per se as “by or in itself” or “intrinsically.”

Intrinsic means belonging naturally, inherent, essential.

Does this mean that fracking will occur, per se?  A rose by another name is still a rose.

Per se is a Trojan horse.

Quoting from Investcan’s brochure, the objective of Thoulet #1 and #2 wells is to explore, evaluate and test the oil prone region of the BSG sub basin.

These wells are classified as rank wildcat. I stated at that meeting that my definition is “odorous skunk.”

It was further stated in the brochure that in case of success, offset step-out or kickoff wells may also be considered for drilling.

To us residents, this sounds like fracking again — and per se is really fracking by another name — Trojan horses.

Investcan is preparing its own environmental assessment on freshwater, groundwater, fish habitant and species, migrant birds, resident breeding. They will utilize a qualified contractor to implement a groundwater monitoring program.

Here is an example of the fox investigating the henhouse.

Investcan is a St. John’s-based company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCDM Energie, a privately held company headquartered in Paris, France.

As an operator, Investcan is currently exploring onshore wells in western N.L. and offshore in Hopedale basin, Labrador shelf, and in Quebec (Quebec Energie).

Yet, France has banned fracking.

France’s president said it won’t happen on his watch, but it seems to be OK in N.L. and Quebec. Quebec has a moratorium in place with regard to hydraulic fracturing after 19 out of 31 wells drilled in Quebec have been found to be leaking through cement casings on wells — 6.2 per cent of well casings fail initially, 60 per cent fail over 20 years and all fail over time.

During the power presentation at the beginning of the meetings with Investcan this past spring, some of the names of investors flashed across the screen. One really stuck out in my mind: Nalcor, our power Crown corporation.

Of course, this is using our tax dollars and we need to ask: is this a conflict of interest?


Michael Hackett

Port au Port East

Organizations: Canadian Oxford Dictionary

Geographic location: Quebec, Flat Bay, France N.L. Paris Hopedale

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  • Pikto'l Sa'ke'j Muise...VJM
    October 15, 2013 - 13:54

    Matrix and slickwater Fracking is a different process but remember the danger is much greater ,one slight mistake can be fatal to the workers and the surrounding area...STILL a NEW science and imperfect ::::WHY WHY don't they fix it BECAUSE they cannot : these to models of drilling is new to the world,some SMART Country has banded it for good....Please research the fact...this is how they get in WHY::Before the big BOSS (MONEY) arrives .....leaving nothing for NOT our next generation to live with :BUT ::::NOW this generation...Pikto'l Sa'ke'j Muise...VJM...

  • Marcus
    October 10, 2013 - 16:34

    Let the fracking begin! I may be able to coe home and work for $120,000 rather than having to fly away, bring it on!