Pro-lifer’s logic is flawed

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So, Margie Hynes, president of Campaign Life Coalition Newfoundland, wants the government of Newfoundland and Labrador to defund abortion.

Hynes and several of her supporters (pro-lifers) held a demonstration Sept. 28 in front of Confederation Building in St. John’s. They were looking to sway members of the public to endorse their cause — one that is far from one-sided.

I have a question for Ms. Hynes and her supporters. Why shift responsibility onto the backs of government to boost your moral stand?

I respect and encourage anyone who wishes to express their views on any subject to do so. However, don’t assume you have the right to force your opinions down anyone’s throat. You have absolutely no right to do that, on a public roadside or otherwise.

I would imagine that there are

many practising Christians and non-Christians who have different views on abortion. The government you ask to defund abortion is their government as well, Ms. Hynes. It’s the government of all our people, no matter what their beliefs represent.

How far do you think your “morality vs. finances” ideology can fly?

Would you imagine, if and when the government grants your wishes, efforts can then be made to defund medical services to alcoholics, drug addicts, and those with compulsive criminal behaviour? Where do you draw the line? Alcoholics, drug addicts and compulsive criminals sometimes destroy lives, too. Should they be banished into the deep with no finances or programs that require government funding? Lock ’em up and throw away the key, in other words.

Government is by the people, for the people and should never be drawn into such controversy or pressured in public to take a dramatic one-way stand on a major moral issue that, in many ways, is a private and very personal decision.

As I said earlier, I respect Ms. Hynes and her supporters, but on this particular move they, in my view, took the wrong approach in front of Confederation Building, the steps of which lead into a legislature that represents all of us, irrespective of our beliefs.


Bill Westcott

Clarke’s Beach

Organizations: Campaign Life Coalition Newfoundland

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador

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  • Eastcott
    October 09, 2013 - 11:57

    Tax dollars should pay for healthcare and not elective procedures. Except for extremely rare circumstances, a pregnancy will not kill a mother. Therefore, in most cases abortion is not healthcare. This is nothing like not treating a person who will die from cancer if they smoked. It is not morality, it is a principle is easily demonstrated with other elective procedures not covered by government.