Feeling the pinch at the pump

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Way back when I wore the scuffed out sneakers of a child, my father had this wonderful expression: “there’s a very hot place reserved in the lower corner of Hades for those who do wrong; for the greedy, the uncaring.”

I’m not sure why but that thought is heavy on my mind as I write this. Recently, when I passed my favourite gas station, the price per litre was $1.19 or something close to that. I needed gas but thought I would wait until morning to fill up. Imagine my surprise on pulling in to the same station the next morning and finding the price had gone up 10 cents per litre and the price read $129.4.

Wow. I was a little upset and couldn’t wait to voice my displeasure to management but alas they are never to be found. They put their workers out front to take the money and perhaps take the flak and they all do it in harmony — Beethoven had nothing on this crowd for getting every other station in town to show exactly the same price, until that is, Costco sets its price and then all kinds of strange things happen.

This is a Thursday and by tonight the price will have changed again. This time tomorrow it will be something entirely different. There was a time not long ago when we could at least go about a month without a change in price — now it’s almost hourly.

There was no point, by the way, in voicing my complaint but I did anyhow and I’m still trying to do it by writing this missive and plea. One service person did tell me a while back, however, that it could be worse. It seems that because of the Costco gas bar they are all losing money — if you can believe that, which I don’t.

Didn’t there used to be laws in this country about price-fixing? Couldn’t we at least get an inquiry into what is happening in Newfoundland and Labrador with respect to gas prices? Isn’t there a conscience at work anywhere amongst big oil?

And, oh yes, where do the managers hide when we need so badly to have a word or two?

But the good news, according to my dear father: there will be no hiding on the final day, and it seems with the gas dealers in St. John’s and vicinity, the temperature just keeps going up and up.

Wayne Norman

St. John’s

Organizations: Costco

Geographic location: Hades, Newfoundland and Labrador

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  • Fed up 2
    October 11, 2013 - 06:43

    Good For you! I too notice this every day, and it is a money grab on the mornings of Paydays. Thursday's... right after they predict fuel prices will drop a couple of cents, and then report that we have had a "break at the pumps". It is literally highway robbery and devious. Thanks for writing this!