Some students have a good math curriculum to work with

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It is a sad fact that the only response that is ever forthcoming from ministers of education to criticisms like that of letter writer Trevor Sooley about the so-called “new math” is: “Give the new curriculum a chance.”

Unfortunately, by the time the new curriculum has “had a chance,” the minister is long gone and the student is left holding the bag.

For parents who want to know what a solid primary and elementary curriculum in math looks like, go to the Common Core State Standards website (Google CCSS).

One thing I can tell you with certainty is that any student who has completed the kindergarten to Grade 7 portion of that curriculum in math would have absolutely nothing to fear from Memorial’s Math Skills Inventory (MSI).

Comparing that curriculum to what our students are being served would let parents know just how badly their children are being treated.

It’s just another aspect of the department that brings you no-fail.

Prof. Herbert S. Gaskill, retired

Mount Pearl

Organizations: Common Core State Standards

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  • Dee
    October 15, 2013 - 06:03

    It's ok for you Mr. Gaskill to sit back and collect your pension and say give this new math a chance,me been a mother of a grade 9 student it is hard not all of us are financially in the position to put a tutor in place even though we want the best for our child,my son struggles with math even though he wants to go to MUN he will never get there with math mark.You see sir as much aswewant to help our children do this math we feel we have our back up against the wall,we feel so dumb that we cannot help our child ,as a matter of fact teachers don't want them to work on math at home they want it kept in class.So before you Mr.Professor before you go around a shoot of you mouth make sure you know what you are talking about not two kids are alike and if people like you have so much time on your hands,volunteer your time to help these kids who do struggle.