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By P.J. Dwyer

I indicated in a previous letter to the editor on Sept. 26 (“Who will commit to repealing Bill 29?”) that politicians of all persuasions must be either drinking something, eating something or must have lined up voluntarily to submit to their caucus “stupid needle.”

After they succumb to the intoxicating injection, they squirm around like they were hit by a political Taser. That’s confirmation that they are now under control of the caucus elite and will follow their leader anywhere, even over Muskrat Falls if they have to.

More and more, it seems, people throughout Newfoundland and Labrador are shaking their heads in disbelief at the decisions being made by the Progressive Conservative government. Unfortunately, it’s not getting any better.

Let’s take Bill 29, for example, the equivalent of “Secrecy at its best,” or, “If it’s important to government, you will never get to see it; if it’s not important, government will fill your car with thousands of sheets of useless information.” They call it “access to information.” The PCs brought in the bill, cheered for it, stood on their heads to sell it to the public and they’re still getting booed for it. And so they should.

The premier, who calls herself and her party the great listeners of the people and for the people, and her steadfast few supporters, still believe that Bill 29 was the right thing to do. Perhaps it comes from believing that most people are too busy to care and don’t need to know what government is doing, period. It seems to be more of a recent attitude that only Premier Kathy Dunderdale and her government knows what’s best for us, therefore her government will make the decisions it has to make and everyone else will have to live with those decisions, whether they like it or not.  

Well, we don’t like it and thus it is reflected with her recent 20 per cent standing in the polls. What a condescending lot of lethargic mice in sheep’s clothing. Is there not one amongst you who will roar?

Jerome Kennedy, the former minister of finance, was the mouse who couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe the PC caucus stupid needle is wearing off. Kennedy came to his senses; Tom Marshall, not so much. He is too busy writing letters to The Telegram about the endless number of qualities that he sees in the premier.

Some months ago, Kevin O’Brien, the Minister of Step-into-it- up-to-His-Neck, advocated that

e-voting or online voting is a bad idea and that there are too many uninformed voters out there who, if they voted, would sway the results of those secure voters who think they know something about the issues. It probably has to do with losing control of how the electorate will vote.

What is it about this government that they want to control the electorate and, at the same time, hide what should be public knowledge under the protective veil of Bill 29?

Does O’Brien have any other words of wisdom since our recent municipal elections? Really, sir, get with it. Add to that your recent meltdown, inappropriate manners and socializing skills at a Gander breakfast, and you should be ashamed to call yourself a minister of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. We don’t need low-life politics any longer in this province; surely we have had enough of that.

Can you imagine, throwing an adult tantrum simply because representatives from other political parties were invited to serve breakfast at the same function? Maybe it’s just self-importance and the fear of losing his seat in the next election. One can always hope.

You can con some of the people some of the time, but you can’t con all of the people all of the time. Two years is just a moment in time.

P.J. Dwyer writes from Gander.

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Muskrat Falls

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Recent comments

  • Corporate Psycho
    October 15, 2013 - 16:03

    Well said. No wonder the Outlaws have moved into Gander. Maybe they have seen what O'Brien gets away with and figured it was a good place to set up shop.

  • Pauline
    October 15, 2013 - 06:17

    Are you trying to tell the people that the Liberal or the ndp, are the better party for the people. Transparency, Liberals don't understand that word, just look at their spending concerning the liberals leadership race, you don't see any of them putting their figures out there for the people, or how much is been donates to their campaign. Yes that all we need another honest party.