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I am writing to address a serious problem with drivers using the Outer Ring Road. A little education is in order.

I am writing to address a serious problem with drivers using the Outer Ring Road. A little education is in order.

If anyone has driven a vehicle outside this island, they understand how to read the overhead signs mounted on the Outer Ring Road.

What drivers fail to realize is that there is no “keep right except to pass” stipulation on the Outer Ring Road or at least on the parts that I have driven. I have driven the stretch from where it starts just east of the Paddy’s Pond Irving area to Exit 49.

I am tired of hearing blaring horns, being flipped off, being called names and being cut off so abruptly that I’ve have to brake hard in order to avoid collision with the vehicle that intentionally cut me off.

There is no need for road rage, people, just a little understanding as to who exactly is to drive in each lane. The overhead signs indicate which lane you are to drive in, so look up.

The sign on the left indicates that all “through” traffic, east or west, use this lane.

The right lane is an “on ramp/off ramp” lane. It is to be used for traffic merging from on ramps and for those slowing down to exit off the Outer Ring Road. The middle sign indicates the next exit coming.

From the left lane, you are to signal right and merge into the lane when your exit is approaching and merge right again when your exit has arrived. 

The “keep right except to pass” comes into effect, westward, at the last overpass before Paddy’s Pond Irving. Where it comes back into effect eastward I am unaware, as I haven’t driven past Exit 49.

If some of the drivers who “think” they know the rules of the road drove the way they do on the Outer Ring in a larger centre, they would end up getting forced off the highway or causing such an incredible pileup of crumpled vehicles and bodies with their childish behaviour.

Maybe this lack of knowledge of the driving “right of way” is what is indeed causing so many of the accidents that occur on this section of the Trans-Canada Highway on any given day. Possibly by publishing this letter, some will read it and either be informed or inform others.

Connie Burt


Organizations: Trans-Canada Highway

Geographic location: Outer Ring Road

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Recent comments

  • Good Point
    October 18, 2013 - 08:54

    Everywhere else you go where there is a divided highway with two lanes on each side, you can drive in either lane. You only have to keep right except to pass in areas where there is only one lane in each direction with the occasional third passing lane installed. However, if you are driving slower than most other traffic, you have to keep right and there is a sign to this effect in the east bound lane just past the route 90, the St.Mary's/Holyroood turn off.

  • Anon
    October 18, 2013 - 07:14

    I don't care what the signs say. If you're driving 100 on the ORR in the left lane, you're in the way. Plain and simple.