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  • Cashin Delaney
    October 19, 2013 - 07:15

    What are white man's ways? Does the color of your body determine your ways? I have relatively white skin, but my ways are very different than the leaders of our country in the privy council, the judiciary and our legislative bodies who have direct responsibility to work with Innu leadership in good faith. This letter starts a better conversation than Jackson's last column that defended the CBC, however, it may perpetuate the "myth", or belief, that there is a such thing as white culture, or white ways. I suppose Mr. O'Brien is referring to the Crown of England, and the problems the natives of Wales, Scotland and Ireland faced in their education into British-Roman governance methods, or as we now call it, colonial white man's ways. History is another key to producing Innu heroes. I'd cry tears of joy to hear young Innu recount history of not only Labrador, but of all natives who fought for land, reprieve, and dignity.