Will heads roll?

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I see no need to further engage in ad nauseam discussions regarding the potential (and arguably obvious) failings of Muskrat Falls. A weak business case, staggering debt, dubious delivery mechanism, environmental catastrophe, impending and significant consumer cost increases — not to mention the absurdity of a system incapable of carrying Upper Churchill power to market in 2041 — comes readily to mind.

These and many other criticisms have already been outlined on numerous occasions by various well-informed and articulate observers.

Should dire predictions, however, prove correct, what to do with the deck officers and henchmen who have run the ship of state onto perilous rocks?

 Right now it looks like the Dunderdale government has two more years to cement the carnage, but then what? In the event of catastrophe, do they envision some sweet revenge scenario by leaving the wreckage to the Liberals or NDP to clean up?

By the time the jig is up and the boondoggle realized, the treasury will have been emptied. The backroom and front room money will have been made and back slapping conducted all around with nothing left but grins, winks and nods on the golf and cocktail circuits.

 Given that we will have been led to this unfortunate circumstance by despots, kleptocrats, oligarchs and their accomplices, why not look to how such individuals and groups have been dealt with for their insouciance and white-collar felonious behaviour elsewhere? There are many examples worldwide, and most recently in Quebec, where redress was dogged, punitive and reasonably swift.

It will be too late for marching in the streets but, to assuage feelings of wrongdoing and its deleterious effects on the provincial psyche, procedures and/or legislation could be enacted to expose the perpetrators, and where egregious misconduct can be proven, prosecute accordingly.

Perhaps fines, denial of golden parachutes and public embarrassment, not to mention detention, might provide some sober second thought that will curtail further misadventure in the meantime.

The eventuality or even possibility of it might also loosen some tongues. Some may come to the realization that it is better to be on the right side of history, morality and the law.


Tom Hawco

St. John’s

Geographic location: Quebec

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Recent comments

  • Corporate Psycho
    October 22, 2013 - 20:38

    The history books will not be kind to Danny. 2015 will not be pretty.

  • Cyril Rogers
    October 19, 2013 - 09:51

    Well said, Mr. Hawco. The essential problem is whether we can salvage our treasury before they badly damage our future prospects. When the chickens do come home to roost, I firmly believe that we will need to enact enabling legislation to put all future politicians on notice.that .....if you ram through any project of great magnitude, that compels the expenditure of billions of dollars....you will be held accountable. Had the government allowed this process to be "open and transparent", there would be no need for recrimination. However, they have been clearly negligent and fiscally reckless in their single-mined pursuit of the development of Muskrat Falls....and will need to held accountable for their folly.

  • Mr Squeaker
    October 19, 2013 - 09:13

    I maintain that the carbon offset legislation adopted by this government is a global movement that will be seen by future historians to be an extension of eugenics.