Hidden reports and bad excuses

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Here is another appalling secret shock-and-awe report hidden from the public for the past two years.

It seems that the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are not educated, intelligent or knowledgeable enough to understand and appreciate the implications in a locked-away sex report commissioned by and paid for by the Progressive Conservative government in 2011. Their conclusion was that the report, entitled “It’s Nobody’s Mandate and Everyone’s Responsibility: Sexual Exploitation and the Sex Trade in Newfoundland and Labrador,” was too harmful to be released, as it may endanger public safety. 

What exactly does that mean? Harmful to whom?

Obviously, it is harmful to the

PC government for doing nothing about it for more than two years.

How could this report possibly endanger public safety? What an absolute silly statement to make.

Are we to assume that there are now weapons of mass destruction being used in the province’s sex trade that people should know about? It’s inexcusable and shocking that this government has the nerve to make a decision to withhold info that needs to be out there for everyone to see. They have once again attached themselves to old-school thinking.

Can you imagine, government made the decision to protect the citizens from what is in the report by not telling anyone about it. This is exactly what we have come to expect from this government, nothing except costly, out-of-control misadventures and misdirection.

This government, as usual, has it wrong.

We will never solve our societal concerns by turning a blind eye to them and hope that they go away. The report from two years ago was wilfully hidden from the public and the media.

What was it that they didn’t

want published? Were names and addresses at risk?

This government is known for Bill 29 and for its black marker. They could easily have blackened out any names or addresses. They know that strategy only too well.

Isn’t it far more important to discuss the issues? Maybe government was embarrassed or overwhelmed by the amount of sexual exploitation going on in the province and decided to just bury its head in the sand. Or was their inaction due to the costs associated with the many intelligent and comprehensive recommendations that were made to resolve or alleviate some of issues related to sexual exploitation?

Whatever the reasons, this government is just falling all over itself to implode. They seem to be pushing their own self-destruct buttons. If the premier and her government want to reset buttons, isn’t it time to reset the button on this important social issue and put the report out there so that we all have an opportunity to be educated?

The report ended with the statement: “It is not enough to be compassionate. We must act.” The report should have been released to the public through the media. Not releasing it shows how insensitive, arrogant and superficial this government really is. To sit on this important report for two years and do nothing tells us all we need to know about the Dunderdale government. They are simply incapable of the leadership that we need going forward in the 21st century.

Potential political parties who want to govern this province beware. The people of Newfoundland and Labrador are quite capable and intelligent enough to discern for themselves whether they need to be protected or not. We don’t need any government to babysit us. What we do need is a government that will tell it like it is.

One has to wonder when government says it’s “everyone’s responsibility,” what does it actually mean? Maybe it means that it is everyone’s responsibility except the government’s.

What an insult, to put victims, caregivers, professionals, police, lawyers and others through this whole tangled mess and then do nothing about it.

This government could have done the right thing and acted decisively to make a difference in the lives of young people, families, care givers, professionals and others who deal with this daily. They chose not to act.

And they want us to elect them for another four years? Good grief, give us all a break.

P.J. Dwyer writes from Gander.

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador

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  • Frank
    November 01, 2013 - 18:02

    Not releasing it shows how insensitive, arrogant and superficial this government really is. Sounds like you just have an axe to grind with the PCs. You are obviously a flaming Liberal..