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  • Laura
    November 02, 2013 - 00:35

    From ARCC: "All abortions are medically required because health is defined broadly in our society. It encompasses not just physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. Besides, it is impossible in practice to split abortion into two categories of medically required or not, based on women's reasons for abortion. Anti-choice people want to limit funding to abortions performed to save the woman’s life or in cases of rape/incest, but the doctors who actually perform abortions would attest that all abortions are medically necessary. All pregnancy outcomes must be funded equally. Anti-choice people often say that pregnancy is not a disease and that abortion is a "lifestyle choice"—therefore, it is not medically required. However, the same arguments can be made for childbirth. There are no medical reasons for a woman to get pregnant and have a baby. She does so because she chooses to, often for socio-economic reasons. Anti-choice people might protest that there are "two patients" in a pregnancy and that abortion harms at least one of them. But Canadian courts have ruled decisively that fetuses are not legal persons with rights. Also, if the government were to de-insure abortion without also de-insuring childbirth, it would in effect be making the "lifestyle choice" for women."

  • Frank
    October 31, 2013 - 18:21

    Cash starved health care system??? Are you for real? We put about 50% of our GDP into healthcare