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Have you had your fill of Senate shenanigans yet?

Can you imagine, 83 per cent of Canadian TV viewers are watching the various news media for their daily intake, not of Toopy and Binoo, but the Canadian Senate? Is TV really that bad or is the news unusually interesting?

News about the Senate and what has been transpiring there for the past month-year-decades is getting more viewers than “Coronation Street” and “Hockey Night in Canada.” CBC-TV and other like networks are milking the increased viewer attention that they are getting across Canada while age-old reporters are being rejuvenated by the excitement surrounding one of Canada’s oldest and most useless institutions.

How much more do we really need to see before we come to the conclusion that, after 150 years with no changes or reforms whatsoever, its day is done? 

Isn’t it time to pull the plug on this senatorial albatross and just let it die an honourable death? 

The Senate of Canada has little to nothing to do with the daily life of the average Canadian.

Most people could care less about this albatross that costs the taxpayers of Canada over $100 million annually.

Shame is not a part of the DNA of the Senate of Canada. Wouldn’t you squawk, scream, yell, dress up in a Halloween costume, spit out as many secrets as you possibly could, do everything that you could do except Taser yourself (the practice of which is an absolute disgrace against any human or beast) to save your precious livelihood?

Where else but in Canada are you going to be treated like royalty, be paid like there is no tomorrow and walk around on red carpet all day?

Just imagine, the Government of Canada is throwing more than $100 million of your taxes annually to 104 senators, their offices, staffs and benefits.

Now, that’s a crime that should be punishable by law.

Spend it somewhere else

A hundred million dollars annually could go a long way to help those who really need it in Canada, where it would make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Some of that could go to seniors who can’t afford to pay for the medicines that they need or the heat bills that they can’t afford to pay or the nutritious food that they can’t afford to buy.

Some of that could go to our war veterans who seem to be losing more and more benefits, who seem to be getting the runaround and the shaft rather than a deserving salute. How quickly we forget.

Some of that could go to our “working poor” who can’t make it on $20,000 a year or $10.35 an hour. How do you raise a child or two on that and pay your grocery bills, rent, and supposedly have some quality of life?

You can’t. 

There are hundreds and thousands of support groups and organizations across Canada which would be only too happy to receive $20,000 a year to continue to do the good work that they do.

Or try topping up our shrinking CPP by a few thousand dollars annually or stop taking taxes out of it so we have something to live on.

Canada is, indeed, the land of plenty for those who can afford to live here.

Why, then, do we have so many charities collecting food for our food banks, which are always running out?

Did you ever wonder where those thousands and thousands of turkeys go that are collected just before Christmas each year? South? I don’t think so.

Why do we have so many average Canadians giving food, clothing and money to support charities on an annual basis?

It’s simple.

They need to be supported and because governments are fountains for excuses not to act.

Practical solution

Isn’t it time to be practical and intelligent about how and where we spend those hundreds of millions of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars annually?

Why wait for years for senators or someone else to try and reform what hasn’t worked for decades?

The only answer is to abolish the Senate as we move forward in the 21st century.

Let’s not make this another lost opportunity to do the right thing.

P.J. Dwyer writes from Gander.

Organizations: Senate of Canada, Canadian Senate, CBC

Geographic location: Canada, Taser

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Recent comments

  • david
    November 07, 2013 - 11:57

    BTW, for people to simply carry on with the partisan BS white noise when Fabian Manning was doing his little "Moving Day in the Senate", I believe this pathetically sweeping and feigned outrage on this topic is quite laughable.

  • david
    November 07, 2013 - 11:51

    The only two places in Canada where politics means virtually everything to the average citizen : Quebec, where they have perfected it into a formulaic science, providing enormous benefits and opportunity for an entire sub-industry of citizens; and Newfoundland, where we remain totally naïve and ignorant about the whole concept but have nothing better to talk about. Note to those who might still be within help's reach: spend some time on something else...anything else at all.

  • marilyn
    November 07, 2013 - 08:53

    100 million a year for 103 senators. Wow That's not bad for people who only work 28 weeks a year,. That must be some hourly rate .why do they think they deserve such high salary. And outlandish pensions. Who approved and voted on this ?they did the government . While cutting jobs, healthcare, education, justice ,and much more .we are told to tighten our belts they spend themselves but not on us .we get wage freezes they get rises. New rules are in government . No one gets pensions after 8years. Who do they think they are. You have job not a life style. : honourable senators , the needs changing and much more . The salary is outrageous , perks and pensions and they need to work more than they have. We work 40 hours a week to pay there salary and so should they and more . No more party campaigning, that needs to stop .