Some truth about fracking wouldn’t hurt

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NOTE: Through an editor's error, the letter that follows did not go through The Telegram's normal verification process, and we have subsequently been unable to reach the individual who sent the correspondence to The Telegram. The Telegram regrets the error.

As a former oil and gas engineer and one who has managed hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations in Western Canada and the U.S. for 28 years, I am following the situation in your province with keen interest, having a family connection in Newfoundland. I feel an obligation to bring to your attention some facts from the industry.

I support the government with its recent decision for a moratorium on fracking.

Contrary to Natural Resources Minister Derek Dalley’s belief, the people are not emotional, but rather motivated to do the right thing for their communities.


Ezra Levant says there is no Syd Peters

Actually, obtaining a permanent ban on fracking would be advisable.

Although the intent of an internal government review is to gather information, it would be good practice, even best practice, to have it independent, open and based on peer-review science.

The claim by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Black Spruce Energy that 175,000 wells have been hydraulically fractured without water contamination is totally false.

From experience, companies deal with such situations by coercing landowners to sign confidentiality agreements or by promising towns and local organizations money for projects, therefore silencing them and avoiding costly litigation and protecting their public image.

Everywhere I worked in the U.S. or in Western Canada, those techniques were and are still used today to silence farmers, landowners and municipalities.

This is what is coming to Newfoundland if fracking is allowed.

Wells by fracking do leak, either during the operation or shortly after, into the aquifer, and all wells will leak over time, again, into your source of drinking water.

By the time the people are sick from the contamination and the chemicals, governments and local politicians have changed, companies gone, money is longer available, jobs are gone.


Few jobs anyway

The reality of jobs related to fracking, in terms of numbers, is very different than offshore (platform) drilling exploration.

Fracking involves a lot fewer jobs at exploration and production stage.

We usually sub-contract the work to bring qualified, experienced crews for a short period of time and hire a few locals to perform low-paying jobs such as maintenance, snowclearing and security. Hardly worth the talk about an economic boom if you compare it to what the west coast of Newfoundland will be losing in tourism and fisheries revenues.

People working in the industry are people who have mortgages, kids at school and responsibilities, and often turn the other direction when they leave the problems behind. After all, it is not their town.

That is why the residents in a posh suburb north of Calgary, where a lot of oil executives live, do not want fracking next to their homes.

This has been an issue at home for me as it proves that it is acceptable and safe for others to live with flares, truck traffic, 24-hour noise, the smell of methane — but not for their families.

There is something to learn from this.

People like me want to retire to Newfoundland and not find that fracking has destroyed the communities and families we left behind.

The province is not Alberta and has more to lose than to win with fracking.

A permanent ban on fracking looks good from where I stand.


Syd Peters writes from Calgary.



Organizations: Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Geographic location: Newfoundland, U.S., Western Canada Calgary Alberta

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Recent comments

  • Salva P
    December 06, 2013 - 12:08

    There are just t-o-o many here leaving comments FOR fracking for me not to believe that Fracking Company Interests are here to DERAIL 'Not In My Backyard OPPOSITION' : see you in hell!

    • david
      December 06, 2013 - 15:55

      You couldn't write this stuff. It's just priceless.

  • Talia Pope
    December 06, 2013 - 04:53

    This is unfortunately an unreliable source. Though i am against Fracking, the above informant may not even exist. We don't need to fabricate, just educate ourselves and others and resist.

  • James R. Halifax
    December 05, 2013 - 11:56

    It shouldn't be too difficult to find the person (s) who wrote this ficticious letter. the Telegram staff should just drop by the Editor's lunch room, as I'm sure that is where the letter originated.

  • Jean
    December 05, 2013 - 08:08

    Obviously one cannot learn anything new in reading either an article published on FB or with the comments of certain know-it-all about fracking. One thing it leaves us with is the uncertainty about it all, and that is one reason 1. we need answers fast; 2. we need to but this exploitation on hold for now, before we get to the point of unsolvable social problems.

  • DougFromAlberta
    December 04, 2013 - 22:07

    So he worked in the fracking industry for 28 years and now feels he needs to speak up AFTER he retires or moves on. What are his qualifications? Engineer, scientist, or janitor? Big difference on the "expert" opinion scale. (I'm not a doctor but do you want to hear my opinion of home angioplasty techniques?).

    • barry
      December 06, 2013 - 21:05

      i agree, this person is full of b.s

  • Vivianne Poirier
    December 04, 2013 - 18:56

    Funny how this article got the attention of so many engineers from Newfoundland . Did not know Newfoundland produced so many engineers or are the negative comments from the same so called "engineer" from Newfoundland, profracker working in alberta. I think it is wrong to be fracking in alberta as much as it would be wrong to frack in Newfounland. this is truly an evasion from these big gas company that will do anything to make money which they probably don't need because they have it all anyway.

    • brenton siddons
      December 05, 2013 - 13:44

      Are you a communist vivianne? I am assuming you live in Quebec or New Brunswick both of which receive enormous financial benefit through Federal transfer payments primarily generated by "BIG GAS COMPANIES" operating in Alberta, many of whom have been fracking old wells for 100 years. However I do understand that you low information protesters are quickly running out of things to bitch about. However if you are successful in shutting down energy exploration in your region, you can put exorbitant energy costs on your sh#t list.

  • Jim
    December 04, 2013 - 18:20

    Wow....yet another example of the MSM being totally incompetent and in cahoots with radical environmentalists. No fact checking? Come are supposed to be a source of information not propaganda. But, I doubt your paper does any informing -- more like mis-informing. There has not been one proven instance of a fracking well (in over 60 years) of polluting any water source. Not one. That can be fact-checked quite easily as well. This is a pathetic newspaper with a pathetic agenda to misinform and spread misinformation at will without regard to the cost to everyone involved.

  • He's for real
    December 04, 2013 - 17:22

    Of course you can't find Syd Peters listed as an engineer in Alberta - it's not his real name, duh!! He doesn't want to be fired before his retirement is due. Anyway, a quick look through similar or reversed names in the membership registry will throw up a few likely people who could have written this letter. True, pure methane doesn't have a smell, but the stuff that comes out from deep underground is contaminated by all sorts of organic compounds which stink. And there are some "posh suburbs" north of Calgary - the Hamptons for one......

    • david
      December 05, 2013 - 13:45

      This is easily accomplished by being upfront and declaring you aren't using your real name for fear of reprisal. Any (actual) person concerned for their (actual) credibility would know this. But it is amazing to see how desperate the cultists are to believe 'Syd' is something other than a fraud, so thanks for that.

  • PE Islander
    December 04, 2013 - 17:21

    Of course you can't find Syd Peters listed as an engineer in Alberta - it's not his real name, duh!! He doesn't want to be fired before his retirement is due. Anyway, a quick look through similar or reversed names in the membership registry will throw up a few likely people who could have written this letter. True, pure methane doesn't have a smell, but the stuff that comes out from deep underground is contaminated by all sorts of organic compounds which stink. And there are some "posh suburbs" north of Calgary - the Hamptons for one......

  • Tommy Douglas
    December 04, 2013 - 16:58

    If you can't verify the writer, then it means the veracity of the letter is in doubt. You should pull the letter entirely. Why are you leaving up a letter which could quite easily be a complete fraud?

  • robins111
    December 04, 2013 - 16:43

    So, basically, you printed a letter from an admittedly eco-activists, in which he lies like a rug about his professional qualifications..

  • Rural Alberta
    December 04, 2013 - 14:52

    "the smell of methane" As other commenters have mentioned, methane is odourless - but very explosive. Unfortunately, when companies set up shop in Alberta communities to drill and frac - and water towers and water wells start exploding - people are caught off-guard and injured (hard to know there's a cloud of stray gas and be able to protect yourself or your family - when you can't smell it). "That is why the residents in a posh suburb north of Calgary, where a lot of oil executives live, do not want fracking next to their homes." Yes, very true. In fact over 200 residents - including industry execs, employees, doctors, lawyers, moms, dads, grandparents etc. - took to the streets to oppose having their community drilled and frac'd by Kaiser. They were successful for the most part in punting Kaiser out. Reportedly the company is now looking for a new community to frac further down the road and due to all the noise, the Alberta gov't has now promised the residents of Calgary that they will have their own special urban drilling policy, and will be frac'd special like. I wonder what the protesting execs know (some from multi-national companies) that residents everywhere else don't. Currently some of the poshest neighbourhoods outside of Calgary are being frac'd (some really good deals on real estate in some of these areas at the moment). As well, wells are also being drilled and frac'd near Cochrane, and it now appears another, more sinister, odourless gas is making the news. "There is something to learn from this." I agree, and I hope Newfoundlanders are paying close attention.

  • harold sheppard
    December 04, 2013 - 14:43

    he is right and we have to do what he says and not let here, and save our land for our kids

  • Cindy
    December 04, 2013 - 14:14

    David, I know for sure that Tourism employs thousands of people in Newfoundland. Where are you getting your info from, obviously, you make up whatever you feel and post it in hopes of discrediting Newfoundlander's.

    • david
      December 05, 2013 - 14:45

      I know 'for sure' that direct employment in private sector tourism in this province amounts a few hundred very short-term seasonal jobs. Precious few year-round positions exist, mainly business owners and for certain venues in St. John's. So one of us is either lying or completely wrong. But perhaps it is me who has been missing the TCH Exit to Newfie Disneyland all these years.

  • James R. Halifax
    December 04, 2013 - 13:24

    The letter is clearly bogus, as has been pointed on on many occassions. Clearly, the Telegram is trying to backtrack, claiming to have gotten in touch with the writer. That shouldn't have been too difficult, as I'm sure the letter writer was sitting in the common room with the other Editors of the Telegram when they pieced this nonsensical letter together in the first place. Other than that, I wouldn't say people need to be too concerned about the "expert" who wrote this letter. He sounds about as credible as the Telegram itself. meaning: Not very.

  • shane
    December 04, 2013 - 13:04

    just a couple of questions that I need an answer to, 1. where does the acid go when it releases the pressure, from the crack? 2. where does all the fluid and concrete go when you lose a plug on a well that is not producing? why do you have to use a full face mask, instead of a half mask with certain cartridges in order to work around fracking sand? what are the chemicals in fracking fluid?,and are there MSDS sheets on site to show people what is in fracking fluid just in case there is an emergency?

    • david
      December 04, 2013 - 16:27

      Shane: Look it up.

  • david
    December 04, 2013 - 12:24

    Syd Green for premier! This fraud is as qualified and honest in his views as any politican we've ever had here, so he'll do very well. Run for the NDP, get out the college student / EI / genetically stupid vote, appoint David Suzuki for 'Minister of BS' and we're all set. And I'm sure the Petroleum Engineering society will endorse him....bwa ha ha ha ha ha .

  • don morris
    December 04, 2013 - 11:49

    This letter from an alleged engineer, doesn't ring true. The writer uses the language of the green zealot activists. Phrases like "peer reviewed",and "coerced into signing" are the basic of eco-speak , not engineers. And methane's odorless,as any engineer would know. And the reference to damaging the fisheries and tourism industries in Nfld., both very minor,fisheries almost non-existent, are again the claims we often hear used by the "anti" crowd, not professionals. I believe the Telegram has been conned by an activist masquerading as an engineer.

  • Kate
    December 04, 2013 - 10:30

    Come on, Telegram - you were taken by a fraud. That's not a procedural error, and you need to be more forthright.

  • wade
    December 04, 2013 - 10:17

    I've worked in the oil and gas industry in Western Canada for the last 15 years, directly involved in stakeholder relations, and what I see printed here is absurd. Companies pride themselves in their social license to operate. Many of the people that drill and complete these wells are members of the community, the people left behind them to operate them for the company are community members, often times landowners themselves. A social license cannot be bought as suggested my Syd. The biggest mistake the industry has made in the recent years is not properly educating the public on fracing, (not spelled "fracking") and have allowed mocumentories, like Gasland to spew "facts" on it, misinforming the public. Fracing is typically 90% water, 9.5% sand and 0.5% chemical, occuring well beneath the aquifer, which cased off to protect, it typically takes three gallons of water to produce 1 million British Thermal Units of energy from deep-shale natural gas/fracking. Nuclear power requires 11 gallons/million BTUs. Coal: 23 gallons. Corn ethanol? A whopping 15,800 gallons. And soy biodiesel requires nearly triple that amount: 44,500 gallons per million BTUs — 14,833 times the water needed for fracking.

  • Dr. Diana Messervy
    December 04, 2013 - 08:26

    Delighted to see that others of our well informed Newfoundlanders outside the province are still keeping a watchful eye to protect our beloved province.

  • Albert Murphy
    December 04, 2013 - 07:46

    "...the smell of methane..." A self proclaimed petroleum expert who doesn't know methane has no smell, is not exactly an expert.

  • Shawn
    December 04, 2013 - 02:13

    "Syd Peters" has never practiced engineering in Alberta. This can be determined in about 1 minute on the APEGA website as well as a simple Google search. If "Syd" had in fact worked in oil and gas, he would be quite aware of the fact that methane is odourless. This is one of several dubious claims made by "Syd". Another would be "all wells will leak over time, again, into your source of drinking water. " This is blatantly false. The credibility of "Syd" is simply not present. And in the interest of disclosure, I am a petroleum engineer practicing in Saskatchewan.

  • Greg G.
    December 04, 2013 - 01:56

    I currently live in a nice town 35 km north of Calgary(work in fort Mac). We have a gas plant(sour) and a co-gen plant within 3 km of town. Funny that the smell of gas doesn't permeate the air. It is also very quiet after 10:00 PM and peaceful during the day. It is also interesting that I cannot find Syd Peters listed as an engineer in Alberta. Also methane is it is unlikely that he can smell it. A real petroleum engineer would know that of course and wouldn't make such a silly mistake. I was also born in St.George's and still visit from time to time. Funny that even in the summer the tourists never seem or seemed to be, that plentiful and if my brother is to believed, neither are the fish, despite the posting of every small stream and ditch. Pity that. Unlike the seemingly mythical engineer, I will be retiring within the next year or so, Codroy Valley or perhaps Port au Port if I can manage it. I would never have left if I could have found a job close to home. IOCC was never that appealing once I had my ticket. Take care all and have a nice Christmas and when you hear nothing but bad about Fracking, do a little research of your own. By the way Mr. Harvey, I have 38 years in heavy industry and almost twenty years in oil and gas in Alberta, and I do support Fracking in western Newfoundland and you sir, seem to have an opinion on things you haven't seen or been involved in! The expression, "Twenty pounds of it in a ten pound bag" springs to my mind with you as it does with Mr.Peters!

  • PabloNH
    December 04, 2013 - 01:05

    "the smell of methane" Methane is odorless. There is no way an "oil and gas engineer" would not know that. You are clearly a charlatan.

  • profnickd
    December 04, 2013 - 00:18

    This letter is bogus -- I question whether there is a "Syd Peters" who is a geoscientist/engineer in Calgary or for that matter anywhere in Canada. The clue resides in the fact that he provides no science at all about fracking, just standard bromides concerning alleged "bribery" of local officials and people "getting sick." But *nothing* on the engineering science of this particular type of drilling. "Syd Peters" is probably a 22 year-old activist cutting and pasting from some Sierra Club pamphlet as he sits in his mom's living room with "That 70s Show" on in the background.

  • Geoff Valcourt
    December 04, 2013 - 00:15

    Some truth about about letters to the editor wouldn't hurt either. a quick search of the Alberta professional society of engineers reveals that their is no Syd Peters listed as ever worked in Alberta. Any Calgarian can tell you that their is no "posh suburb" north of Calgary. Some simple fact checking by the editors would have revealed that this so called "insider" letter was a complete fabrication.

  • Heather
    December 03, 2013 - 23:52

    I don't care what your background is, what credentials you have or how long you've been sucking at the O&G teat for your livelihood, common sense says that using toxic chemicals to remove shale gas, many many of these chemicals known carcinogens, is just not good for neither the environment nor the water. The question was asked how "the shale at 3800 metres depth will taint the aquifer at 300-500 metres depth?"It have been proven time and time again that the casing cracks or wears out and thus the contaminants seeps into the aquifer. And if anyone thinks that there are not documented cases of contaminated well water, has refused all the information being released almost on a daily basis and, well ,they are just wrong. There are loads of documented cases, it's just not admitted by the company drilling /profiting from the fracking and never will be. I personally spoke with a farmer out here in Alberta and she was in tears because of fracking on her land, which lead to all her 4 wells being contaminated.She realized too late that all the $$$$ and royalties being promised wasn't worth what she lost. As for the jobs??? Prove it. Prove to all anti frackers that is safe #2 there will be the jobs promised and #3 they will be for the locals. To all the pro frackers, I'm deeply sorry you are willing to sell out your water /land and environment for shareholders but I"m not.

    • david
      December 04, 2013 - 09:19

      Your first sentence says it all....teaching or informing you of facts is a waste of time. Sadly, this is the state of far too much of Newfoundland's population, which is why this place is such a fearful little backwater in a state of intellectual limbo. No wonder 1940's political tactics work so well here...this place is in a time warp.

    • david
      December 04, 2013 - 09:27

      So it turns out ---with a little digging from other posters ---- that 'Syd' isn't the person he clims he is. Surprise surprise! But the blind follwers that he so impressed were ready to block the roads after reading his completely fabricated words. And this is why they have zero credibility and should not be allowed to control the agenda in any way. They are easily duped fools, bell cows, intellectual zombies. They should be beet red with embarrassment over this latest spectacle, but instead are more fukll of themselves than ever. Shame on you for wasting the intellectual abilities God gave you....and shame for preferring a life of continued sloth over one of productive, honest work. As long as the government condones being leeches, this place will remain nothing more than a drunk driver's Disneyland.

  • Ed Armstrong
    December 03, 2013 - 22:41

    Unfortunately to the best of our abilities, we have no record that Syd Peters ever worked in Alberta as an Engineer. There is no record of anyone by that name registered with APEGGA. Check APEGGA's self service registry at We in New Brunswick who support Natural Gas Resource Development have been aware of other fabricated letters by phantom engineers. These letters are only found in the possession of extreme left wing protesters many of whom are paid by the Sierra Club, the Park Foundation and the mysterious EJLB Foundation out of Quebec, now known as ECHO Foundation. All of these have either an anti fossil or an anti Canadian Energy policy as their unofficial mandate and will use their Billions to discredit any energy project. Watch the flood of negativity against the Energy East pipeline in the very near future. These people are well organized and will stoop to any level to convince the general public that they are the possessors of the only truth. I ask you all to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Don't let anyone tell you they know all the facts. Thank You for your time.

  • Stuart Harvey
    December 03, 2013 - 11:52

    Mr Peters' remarks about the risks and problems associated with fracking are the most-informed and clearly explained that I have read to date. And Mr Peters comes from a background of 28 years experience in management of the industry in Canada and the US. Consequently his ideas should carry weight, not only with us who live in the areas of Newfoundland that will be affected if fracking is permitted here, but also with our legislators both Provincial and Federal. As Mr Peters states, those who stand to gain the lion's share from fracking are not usually the ones who live close to it. Nor are they the ones who will still be there when the wells have been exhausted of product but are still there in the ground. Everyone has the right to protect his or her home, and the people who live closest to the activity have the greatest right to decide whether outsiders should come into their towns and change them into something the local people neither want nor will benefit from. I have no personal experience of the oil industry, but I have seen the damage it can do and has done in many places. I am involved in neither the fishery nor the tourism industry in Western Newfoundland, but I do know that neither of those industries is likely to survive for long once fracking begins here. Nor will the communities retain their present character. I fully support those who would like to see a permanent ban on fracking here in Newfoundland.

    • david
      December 03, 2013 - 13:05

      Tourism is a 12-week a year industry that employs a few hundred people just long enough to qualify for EI. In other words, another typical Newfoundland industry in that it isn't a viable or sustaining endeavour whatsoever. For rural Newfoundland, in the absence of absolutely anything else, the government duplicitously promotes it as if it were Newfoundland's panacea. It is a political football that has further debilitated peoples' already-weak understanding of economics and industry. "Sustainable" is a luxury concept for those societies where "sustaining" was achieved ages ago.....that is not Newfoundland. Regrettably, after a few hundred years, Newfoundland remains teetering on the brink of social extinction. And we really seem to have lost the basic survival skills to stop it, daydreaming of a place that we never bothered to ever build.

    • Jacquie
      December 04, 2013 - 00:22

      Obviously Syd has no clue, the execs live west in Springbank...the northern "burbs" are hardly posh and mostly middle class hard workers. The guy probably has never stepped foot in the patch or knows what OSCAR is.

    • Keith Ryan
      December 06, 2013 - 12:07

      So Stu...still stand by your comment???

  • J
    December 03, 2013 - 10:58

    Yawn, more tripe. I too have hydraulic fracturing experience in the Duvernay Shale in Alberta. Any idea how the shale at 3800 metres depth will taint the aquifer at 300-500 metres depth? There are about a dozen impervious layers between the two. Maybe you should cite some papers with your claim that the wells leak. My guess is you're a plant.

    • Cynic
      December 03, 2013 - 11:29

      My guess is that you're the plant.

    • Susan
      December 03, 2013 - 18:53

      Uhmm - through the cracks caused by fracking.

  • david
    December 03, 2013 - 10:14

    "Contrary to Natural Resources Minister Derek Dalley’s belief, the people are not emotional, but rather motivated to do the right thing for their communities....." And that right there is as blatant a bald faced lie as I've ever read. Recent video showing 'citizens' --- in name only --- overturning and burning police vehicles in NB. Checkmate, Syd. So that puts the rest of "Syd Peters, FORMER (...hmmmm) petroleum engineer from Calgary" opinions in some doubt. The admission of an alleged "family connection" to Newfoundland doesn't exactly enhance his objective credentials either. In fact, it would paint him as an outright hypocrite, overseeing activities in Alberta that he feels are not good enough for his beloved homeland (despite its 70% unemployment rate). Here's a suggestion, your next letter, why not supply some actual, specific credentials that you should be listened to....for example, some evidence that you aren't just a spurned, bitter unemployed rig hand who now hates the oil industry. There are MANY more of those than fracking experts.

    • Thomas
      December 03, 2013 - 10:58

      David, what is your connection to the oil and gas industry? What do you hope to gain, or hope that the community gains from hydraulic fracturing in Newfoundland? People expressing concern are motivated by concern for the environment, people's health, and tourist & fishing industries. What is your motivation for supporting hydraulic fracturing? What are your credentials?

    • david
      December 03, 2013 - 11:22

      No coinnection whatsoever. Just a citizen who thinks that an entire province of people being deprived the chance at a good, honest, productive living by a bunch of uninformed malcontents with the a self-righteous God complex is an affront to democracy and nothing short of pure evil.

    • Craig
      December 03, 2013 - 11:56

      David ...... You are the by far the most belligerent of all of the people posting comments on this website. You clearly exhibit an attitude that would be expected from a wrongfully convicted person who has been sentenced to live the remainder of his life with his face chained to the arse of an elephant that is stricken with permanent diarrhea.

    • Wild Rose
      December 03, 2013 - 13:02

      David, there just jelous because you're right. They don't know how to work and always going after the productive in Alberta. They think that every thing is bad. All they do all day is protest.

    • david
      December 03, 2013 - 13:10

      Craig: Excellent commentary. Really adds to the discussion. I am not in any position to comment on your mental state, so I won't.

  • saelcove
    December 03, 2013 - 09:59

    Everyone is an expert

  • abby
    December 03, 2013 - 09:35

    I only hope the govt. of nl. is reading this and all other comments on fracking and paying attention.We cannot allow companies to take over nl., destroy it and walk away.

  • Joe Wiseman
    December 03, 2013 - 09:06

    I spoke with a fellow parishoner in Church on Sunday morning. He told me how he had worked in Sarnia decades ago. He told me how the poisonous waste was pumped into the beautiful St. clair River. He told me how years later, poison left in the earth by the mining company seeped out and poisoned the earth and water around it. He carries guilt in his eyes, in his heart and in his soul. He says there needs to be a revolution. He is an ordinary man with a soul and a conscience. He is the man that corporations need to fear.

    • david
      December 03, 2013 - 10:30

      ....but he never quit, or reimbursed those 'tainted' wages he earned, or said or did anything about the situation while he worked there for all those years.....but now, with no skin off his nose to worry about, he is deeply bitter and an expert in how to run a better company. What a unique Newfoundlander !!

    • Thomas
      December 03, 2013 - 11:01

      David, it is you who sounds deeply bitter.

    • david
      December 03, 2013 - 11:28

      You sir are a perfect example of what it is to be a Newfoundlander, land of the irrational, cowardly bully....the internet truly is your muse.

    • Dolf
      December 03, 2013 - 13:27

      Geez David, it must be just dandy to know everything about everything. Too bad you're all wet!

    • david
      December 03, 2013 - 13:48

      Dolf if this were 1956, I might be very insulted right now.

  • Dolf
    December 03, 2013 - 08:07

    Well said Syd Peters. I don't think I was far out when I opined Dalley's explorative policy was merely a stall for what the PC crowd has in store for us.

    • Joe Hueglin
      December 05, 2013 - 10:54

      B.S.M.A.P.H.D to this point. Hydraulic fracturing has both benefits and risks to all provinces and territories. Moved: There be a scientific assessment of how risks can be minimized in maximizing benefits - and acting according to the outcome . Seconder: