Starved for real leaders

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Where are the real leaders? I don’t mean people with a title that says they manage or control something.

I mean the people who when they stand up and speak, command your attention and demand your respect and trust.

It matters not whether history will show them to have erred.

At the time they can do no wrong and that’s all that matters — for my purpose here.

They are so confident, so messiah-like in their convictions that they sway the masses.

Objections and the scare tactics of their opponents fall on deaf ears — ears that hear only the sweet refrain of the music and not the background hiss and distortion.

Such men were Britain’s Winston Churchill, whose speeches rallied multitudes of young volunteers to their death, for God and country, and Adolf Hitler, whose maniacal vision of a pure and perfect race led to death by the millions of Jews, artists, homosexuals, the handicapped, and nearly gave Germany world domination.

It is said that the times produce the leaders. In Canada, the times gave us Trudeau (The Elder), Tommy Douglas, Frank McKenna and others.

In Newfoundland, the times gave us people like Joey Smallwood and Danny Williams.

They make things happen, whether or not they should, by the sheer strength of their will, personality and charisma.

Things will get done. They are nearly unstoppable.

“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” — 1 Corinthians 14:8

I am hearing a lot of uncertain sounds lately and I’m so confused on Muskrat Falls that I don’t know if it’s a good, bad or indifferent thing.

There seems to be more and more doubters and naysayers, and at the same time the project seems to be going full tilt ahead.

It is my belief that we are lacking the leadership on this project that would make it as unstoppable as a runaway train.

If our government believes that Muskrat is a viable project, and that future development of Gull Island is inevitable, and that eventually we will hook up to Churchill Falls, too, and it is our destiny to be a green energy powerhouse, then why is there so much hiss and distortion that seems to drown out the sweet refrain?

I humbly suggest it is leadership.

No matter how hard you work and how smart you are, if you do not have the “royal jelly,” you won’t become the queen bee.

I believe that our premier is a good and kind person.

I am sure she could run any number of corporations or government departments with good results. She would be a loyal friend and a wonderful neighbour.

Will Muskrat Falls and all the other projects that logically follow it become reality or an abandoned dream? Whichever way, it will be because a strong leader emerges to lead one side to victory. Both sides at the moment are leaderless.

One can barely make out the sweet refrain as it is counter-balanced by the hiss and distortion.


Laurie Blackwood Pike writes from Placentia.

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Recent comments

  • Audrey
    February 05, 2014 - 01:22

    "Things will get done. They are nearly unstoppable." After reading this the first, second and third thing that comes to mind and that I can't ignore is that you seem too eager to "follow", at least on this particular subject. I think it is possible we do have leaders, but leaders that have aligned better values with their leadership (which is perhaps something we learnt from the wrong values Hitler had?) and being that kind of leader takes more effort and is less straight-forward but is exactly what we need. Getting "things" whatever they are, done, is not the only priority.

  • roy
    December 23, 2013 - 13:26

    Like you I am confused or feel I don't have enough information on Muskrat Falls. I guess is because the opposition are spreading misinformation because they have to hang their hats on discrediting the present government, Cathy Dunderdale is not a good leader lisibley speaking , she doesn't come on strong and convincing . She doesn't have what it takes to rally support. Those you mentioned had this , they could sell anything. Peckford also had this political know how. I didn't like Joey but he also had it, he could sell anything and did. The leader of the opposition doesn't have it but doesn't need it because the reigning govt doesn't either. I'm tired of Muskrat Falls, its started, let it take its course. It doesn't matter which govt is in power it will go ahead as did the upper Churchill. This present govt couldn't sell $10 bills for $5.bills. The leaders of all three parties are not leaders neither are convincing. Education and comonsense is not a government if it was NL would be a very, very rich province.

  • Cashin Delaney
    December 23, 2013 - 09:57

     The lower Churchill became a predictable federally-supported project after the Earth Summits in Brazil in the early 90s. Remember that global cooling caused panic in the states in the seventies. A form of energy communism has formed around emissions trading, as a solition to global warming -Dogma is having us develop a green warehouse - using natural ponds for tailings, further stressing the lower Churchill and leaving old oil tankers to rot open and leak yet we worry about CO2 levels because Al Gore and Robert Redford conspired to bring us where we are now with years of propaganda and science abuse. The temperature of the lower Churchill will increase because of the dam. So, green must just mean cash, not ecology? Question Ball, Michael, or Dunderdale on this, and they will turn into robots giving the same answer. You will NEVER get an honest opinion on this obvious contradiction of policy in action. The loan from Canada depends on this crackpot justification to impair river systems, a river system still balancing itself after its upper development.  This is the total justification, the rest is a 52 card Monty shell game of uncomprehendable engineering and financial diaper full of hot green poop..The noise that argues the absurd extremes. Some think it will solve most problems and secure our future, others believe it will be the final solution to resettlement and bankrupt us into subservience to our multinationals. If you are indifferent, then the propaganda is working. No one is allowed to frame this story properly. There is not incentive for TC Media to demand this of their journalists. Mass hypnosis brought this project from last Xmas to this one. I believe the money draw is the end game, and e Feds don't care if it produces electricity or not. This is a way to funnel money to people. No group stands up to end the insanity of ACOA, this is just a bigger version of that legal money laundering. Global cooling, or warming doesn't matter.  Whether it goes or not, the bigotry, prejudices and hatreds developed make it worth it - to our dividers and conquerors, our managing conjurers in office. Our leaders? I am your leader now. You take your information from me alone!! Woof woof woof. How was that audition?

  • Maurice E. Adams
    December 23, 2013 - 08:23

    One of the problems is that both the government and opposition parties see Muskrat Falls as a way to get increased revenues and not be blamed for it BY HAVING TO RAISE TAXES. It is a tax grab BY STEALTH. The Liberals also see themselves as a key beneficiary of this scheme once and when THEY get in power. The problem is that there is virtually NO REAL PROFIT coming into Nalcor, government, or the people due to outside sales (the bottom has dropped out of the energy market) and the only revenue for Nalcor and government is from the exorbitant rates that Muskrat Falls is forcing on NL ratepayers themselves --- essentially a SHELL GAME --- where the NL ratepayer pays very high, unnecessary rates no matter what.

  • Joe
    December 23, 2013 - 07:18

    See the Official Secrets Act isn't the problem, it's that we don't have someone who can lead the people so they don't have to think. With all the education going round you would think the idea would be that informed people would be able to make their own decisions based on a free flow of information and not just be mere slaves.

  • Pauline
    December 23, 2013 - 06:29

    I been asking the media for months, to do interview with Mr Charles Murphy of corner brook, concerning such issues at Muskrat falls - Bill 29 - Fracking - then the people would of got a understanding why the liberals said no to the man, because he shown leadership materials,