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  • Cashin Delaney
    January 02, 2014 - 17:22

    God-mode, King Kong and Cross-country sking! MASTER TORY Ross Reid™ approved naivety scenes are awesome, mixing GOD and STATE at XMAS-TIME is a wonderful smoke grenade going into the New Year. Some people I'd like to thank for an entertaining 2013; - Gilbert Bennett, for mastering the Telegram staff, the Métis, tricking CBS residents into looking like dunces during his Guy Fawkes electrode hot chocolate party. - Ed Martin, for hiding away protecting his papal-like infallibility while washing his hands over, and over, and over in his gold-plated private sink. - Dawn Dalley, for a lovely explanation of how we need to reduce personal power usage at key times to compensate for Hydro assets that are crumbing apart while Nalcor does Extreme Makeover™ on lower Churchill on credit. - Brad Cabana for going in blind into the most important tackle of his life, getting clobbered, and proving that {RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!} when the Judge is Judging her own Judgement so Judiciously against retarded mainlanders out to harm her husbands Bromance. - Jerome Kennedy for playing his part perfectly and escaping into our sleeveen-filled history - All so called scientists at MUN for being mastered, muzzled and put in their place for the good of the economy by Oil, Nickel and Iron money. Happy New Year MussRats, I don't know how I could live without this project now, I don't care how far in the hole it brings us, I need my fix of MF humour now everyday, even if it means going bankrupt provincially and personally. I am addicted to Muskrat Falls.