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  • Ed Power
    December 29, 2013 - 17:34

    The bottom line? The corporate sector - Mr. Butler and friends - do not want their workplaces unionized, and will do whatever is required to ensure that they aren't. Unfortunately, Canada's "New" Government is actively supporting them in their efforts to return the Canadian workplace to the "good olde" pre-union days when workers were little better than indentured servants, and paid accordingly. The Union movement went on cruise control after they thought the battles for decent wages, benefits and pensions had been won and switched their focus to different priorities, not realizing that the corporate Hydra was re-growing new heads, and spending huge amounts of money to convince the uneducated, and seemingly oblivious average citizen, that everything wrong with the economy was the fault of greedy unionized workers. Sadly, it seems to be working, as many people will blame the unions when some factory closes up shop in Canada and moves to China, where trivial things like wages, health and safety and environmental concerns aren't a hindrance to huge quarterly profits. In fact, in some places - including the USA - you can even take advantage of slave labour in prisons. What's not to like about a controlled economic environment and labour force like that. In the words of Bruce Cockburn, the corporate sector and their well-paid political cronies are those "Who rob life of its quality, who render rage a necessity. By turning countries into labour camps, modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom....."