Third World power management

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I have reason to believe that the current Kathy Dunderdale Progressive Conservative government, Nalcor, Newfoundland Hydro and Newfoundland Power management are responsible for all these power outages or “rolling blackouts” that we Newfoundland residents, especially those of us in St. John’s and the Northeast Avalon region, have been experiencing during the last several days.

According to Wikipedia: “Rolling blackouts are a common or even a normal daily event in many developing countries where electricity generation capacity is underfunded or infrastructure is poorly managed. Rolling blackouts in developed countries are rare because demand is accurately forecasted, adequate infrastructure investment is scheduled and networks are well managed; such events are considered an unacceptable failure of planning and can cause significant political damage to responsible governments.”

During the past year, the Dunderdale government and Nalcor have been putting too much money and energy in the multibillion-dollar Muskrat Falls project, and not enough in maintaining and improving the existing hydroelectric system.

What we need is a reliable 21st-century electrical generating system for our province, not a badly managed and poorly financed Third World “rolling blackouts” system.


Edward Sawdon

St. John’s

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