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How do we choose our political leaders?
Variously attributed to Jay Leno or Ronald Reagan, among others, is the saying that “Politics is show business for ugly people.”

There are two kinds of ugly.

I’m not referring to physical ugliness here, but to the actions of some of those we trusted to represent us and to not line their own pockets.

We have had some who took it way past ugly, in that regard.

There’s no need to fear for a lack of new candidates who will promise us the moon and fail to deliver even a small meteorite.

I’m still waiting for the politician who will tell us that there is a world-wide shortage of large irregular shaped rocks, and he can make us rich.

It’s surprising that no one, to my knowledge, has tried that one yet.

Unfortunately, we as human beings seem to gravitate to the physically attractive. Combine looks with some charisma, a good tailor and hairdresser, a constant smile and the candidate has your attention … and as any salesman knows, the first step to a sale is to get the customer’s attention.

They may be total incompetents but if we like them we’ll vote for them.

There’s a federal election coming before too long. Will the majority vote for the charismatic young man with the movie star good looks, or the incumbent older grey-haired guy who always looks awkward, or the guy with the beard? I’m betting it will be Trudeau the Lesser.

I hope he is smart enough to surround himself with the brightest and most dedicated.

There’s a provincial election coming soon, as well.

Will the top job go to the woman who had the caucus revolt, or the woman who already holds the position, or the newest of the three likely choices, Dwight Ball? I don’t think he will sweep, but I think he can win. Here are the reasons I believe that.

He looks the part. He looks good in a suit. Every hair is in place. Has a great smile.

He sounds sincere. Has a strong jaw line — actually, a Flintstone chin. He looks like you could hit him there with a baseball bat, and he’d just laugh and come back at you. Here’s the clincher, though — he is also smart. Smart enough to take a little advice, I believe.

So here it is: Dwight, don’t look so darn perfect all the time. I’d like to see you just once in an old pair of ripped jeans and a plaid work shirt, with about three days growth of beard, your hair all messed up, out there splitting firewood or hauling up a boat. You don’t have to box anyone in the ring, though I’d probably bet on you. Dress up when it’s required.

You have proven that you will fit in fine at any state event or Townie time. But when you are out around the bay, try to look more like one of we. Some of us can relate better to a “Barney” Ball.

Laurie “Grandpa” Blackwood-Pike


Geographic location: Flintstone

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  • Our province's politicians have too much control over the development of our natural resources.
    January 15, 2014 - 13:59

    Thanks Laurie "Grandpa "Blackwood-Pike for this letter to the Editor, it gives me a loophole to add further on the make-up of politicians that have run this province since the very first settler decided to put down permanent roots here. Politicians from our neck of the woods have always seen our resources as 'theirs' and theirs alone to do with what they darned well saw fit. I think it is time for the government of Newfoundland and Labrador to enact a law that forbids all politicians to take a hands-off approach with regard to developing our resources for the sole benefit of themselves and other areas of Canada and the World. It is time that a law was put in place that will see the natural resources of Newfoundland and Labrador developed primarily for the benefit of its entire citizenry which happens to be its electorate. I am up to my eyeballs with disdain for the corruption perpetrated on us from the politicians, who I assisted in having elected in this province, since I have voted every year since my eighteenth birthday. We need complete honesty and transparency from this day forward and a law needs to be enacted to govern how our natural resources are developed and for who, or otherwise we will never ever see our economy blossoming into the type of economy we should be enjoying here in this province given our great natural resource base and our excellent geographic location.