Getting everyone on side

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Can’t you just hear the conversation between Nalcor and the Dunderdale flunkies?

“Boys, what are we going to do? We sold this Muskrat Falls deal on the premise that oil prices would skyrocket. We even convinced the more naive that because of the high oil prices the electricity rates were going up anyway and would be just as high or higher than the Muskrat Falls power.”

What to do?

“What went wrong? Oil isn’t rising like it should. Last year we actually had to lower the rates. Our plan is falling apart.”

“Don’t worry, boys, I got just the thing to get all the ratepayers on our side. We’ll have an outage at Holyrood and start having rolling blackouts all over the island. By the time the winter is over they’ll be begging us for Muskrat Falls and the higher rates”

“Yes, you’re right, there’s more than one born every minute — there’s half a million ha..ha..”

“Now if we can only get some cold weather to make those losers … er …I mean, our ratepayers, even more convinced …”


L.M. Knight


Geographic location: Muskrat Falls, Holyrood

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