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After The Telegram published two items about Muskrat Falls recently, it as no surprise to see an opinion piece in a recent edition from Gilbert Bennett, vice-president with Nalcor for the Muskrat Falls project.

He writes that Brian Jones’ column and the questions raised by letter-writer Charlie Menchions in your pages are not supported by the facts. 

One can only  assume Mr. Bennett is writing to convince us with the facts in his submission. If so, he must think Mr. Jones and Mr. Menchions and the rest of us are clairvoyant, and would be able to glean facts from his piece which, instead of being factual, is the same old Nalcor boilerplate spin.

What makes this so frustrating is that, by repeating over and over that they have answered all our questions and explained all the concerning issues, they must think we are stunned, very stunned.

When will Nalcor start providing us with some of the real answers about Muskrat Falls?

I guess the question should be, when will the government require Nalcor to stop this nonsense and provide us with hard information?

After all, the government is elected. Mr. Bennett and his colleagues are not.

Bob Oxley

St. John’s

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