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I respectfully submit the following: the answer to the senate dilemma is the “Triple E” Senate proposal. Why is everyone too timid about bringing it up? 

We in Atlantic Canada must demand this change if we wish to survive.

I repeat: we in Atlantic Canada must demand this change if we wish to survive.

Presently, Ottawa is ruled by interests from Ontario, Quebec and oil-rich Alberta. Must we be driven to forming a new, separate country composed of the four Atlantic provinces in order to be governed in such a way as to protect our own interests?

I am surprised The Council of Atlantic Premiers has not addressed this potential opportunity of gaining a much stronger voice for our region when it comes to those decisions made in our nation’s capital.

Four provinces out of 10 may be translated as 40 per cent of the Senate. Compare this to our present voice in the House of Commons, which is closer to nine per cent.

In the U.S., the Senate is there to serve as a balance between the interests of the population-based Congress and those of the diverse regions; a similar Senate would serve our interests equally well.

I do hope the premier still reads the paper.

If not, then perhaps the readership might draw his attention to this idea.

“Triple E” is  equal, effective and elected.

Bruce Muirhead


Organizations: Council of Atlantic Premiers, House of Commons, Congress

Geographic location: Atlantic Canada, Ottawa, Ontario Quebec Alberta U.S.

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  • Cashin Delaney
    February 28, 2014 - 08:03

    It is less expensive to restructure the senate, than abolish, and start a new body. It has always lagged in revision, remember the Nun who had to pretend to have property to get in, she had taken the vow of poverty. Rules like this were enacted in the early years of the senate, to keep the commons out, so to speak. Now that the commons house is mostly of a genteel nature, with enough connections to pass the old senate's requirements of affluence, Canada now demands a senate of the people, with a weighted vote toward aboriginal communities. What do we call the new senate? What does senate mean? Senile? Senior? Elder? All those things. If we must solve the senate, and do something else revolutionary beyond abolishment of it, like good commonwealth citizens, let us abandon it, not destroy. Leave it for rural and youth. Let this be the ultimate self-determination mechanism to empower rural dignity. Just a little more heft to the indian voice in Canada, to protect what every real indian knows, nobody can really own, our commons. Environment, the scientists call it. Let them answer to the Crown and keep our Commons honest. In summary, we all vote for this new senate, based on the regions we live in, weighted to give all rural populations more sway. Giving rural areas, and therefore, rural indigenous society a greater impact on elections. An elected senate should have another modification, if you got your grade 8, you can vote, no age limits. If a person can pass grade 7, they are old enough to know a good old person, from a so so one, and vote. People in grade 8 and 9, why not have them vote for senators. If they have youth champions, with rare wisdom we'd expect from elders, we would be fools not to recruit them and their energy up into this role on merit. We won't get an equal voice, that is only a dream, but we could demand more contrast, without partisan appointments, enabling a younger, more rural electorate to participate in their defense from corporate rapacity in our sensitive developments. More 'equality' by 'stacking' the senate with better rural representation, and releasing a potent class of voters, the 12 to 17 year olds who will have to clean up our messes, and manage our fallout. Is this solution, rural checking urban, youth voting, too outlandish? Ok, abolish it, one less vote for me not to participate in. Anarchy rules!? :( *This was a repost from Randy Simms piece on Senate reform **I distinguish rural/urban moreso than having an ON, QC, AB bias. This is the nexus of the power balance - rural unification - we need to use the avenues available to us to fix Canada ***its not like we are tasked with taking the crime out of Crimea, we just got to put the Can and a good bit of self-esteem back into Rural living.