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Referring to Tolson Chapman’s letter “Recognizing all persecution” in the Feb. 21 paper, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

It seems that anything seen as Christian is fair game for ridicule, suppression and at worst death.

I commend Mr. Chapman for speaking out in such a public forum.

The sad part of all this is for the most part Christians in our part of the world are content to let it happen without raising a voice.


Frank Anstey


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  • Herb Morrison
    March 04, 2014 - 08:43

    Mr. Anstey As I stated, in response to Mr. Chapman's recent submission, I found that submission to be both self-serving, and contrary to Scripture; specifically the teachings of Jesus Christ when He taught what are known as the Beatitudes, during His earthly Ministry, and wh8ich are recorded 8in the Gospel of Matthew 5:03-13. The last two of the Beatitudes state both how Jesus reacted to His own persecution, and how He expects Christians to respond to any persecution; which is inflicted on us, because we choose to spend our lives living our lives in accordance with the teachings of Christ, in particular, and other Biblical teachings as well. As a Christian who is not engaged in full-time Ministry within my particular denomination, I am called by God, through Christ, to preach the principles of my Christian Faith chiefly by living my life in accordance with those same principles of the Christian Faith as taught by Christ. Consequently, in the event that I am persecuted because of the manner in which I, as a Christian, am inspired to live out my life Jesus, as recorded in the Beatitudes, tells me that I should feel blessed, not lose hope, and rejoice, when faced with persecution because of my choice to live my Faith. Jesus said: “Blessed are you when men shall persecute you and revile you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in Heaven, for so persecuted they the Prophets which came before you.” Please note the abundance of humility, self-sacrifice, faith, and hope contained in Christ’s teachings known as the Beatitudes and compare and contrast them with, what in my opinion at least, is the self-pitying, childlike, unchristian cry for the world’s attention, which is contained in Mr. Chapman’s submission. Christians are called to emulate what Christ said and did during His earthly Ministry, by calling for the just and right treatment of all people be they male, female, Gay or straight, black, white, red, or yellow-skinned. We are called to love and to serve God by loving and serving others (1 and2 of the Ten Commandments). As a Christians I am not called to seek equality, justice, righteousness or public recognition of any kind for myself, which is what Mr Chapman appears to be seeking. Such self-centred behaviour is not a Christian concept, if you believe Christ’s Beatitudes. I will have my reward for serving God on earth, when, by God’s Grace, I reach Heaven.