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During this winter, we have had power outages. We have suffered cold, depression and stress, a very stressful period. But Light and Power don’t care.
During this awful period of darkness and stress, especially by seniors, Light and Power just don’t seem concerned. Our light bills are still the same, not one penny took off.

They control the government and, like the banks, the telephone companies and the big rich and powerful corporations, the government has no power over them.

They control the government. The government cannot control them or have no say.

So why can’t Light and Power show some mercy to the people and reduce the power bill for a few months?

After all, the heads of those companies are maybe millionaires, but if people owed them two pennies they would never rest until they got it.

Their system is horrible. Down our way if an old man blew too bad the whole system would blow down.

The only thing the government can do is tax people to death and give them a poverty salary to live on. How good they are at that.

Alonzo Hynes

Fortune Harbour

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Recent comments

  • Just sayin
    March 26, 2014 - 08:11

    The power companies were asked if a better conservation and efficicncy plan would help in the crisis situation when there is insufficient energy for peak demand. The answer was no, there will be no changes to their plan. Such a plan gives long term benefits and does not benefit the crisis situation. What a joke. Other jurisdictions use their plans to reduce peak load on an ongoing basis. This builds over years to reduce peak demand, makes some infrastructure unnecessary, and keeps energy use and costs to consumers lower. Ita a rational and cost effective way to gradually but effectively have less risk of rotating outages. They insult every Nflders to say we will not change the program and it is of no immediate benefit. Yet they admit they cannot quantify if their pleas to turn down the thermostats or delay showers had any positive effect to reduce peak demand.

  • a business man
    March 26, 2014 - 06:39

    I disagree completely. I see no reason why a business should show mercy, to anyone, ever. Business is about profit, more profit, and increasing profits. Period. Furthermore, experiencing a power outage means that one cannot use power, which in turn means that people are not being billed for power that is not being used during an outage. Based on that logic, I do not see ANY reason why power outages should lead to reducing a bill. If anything, I see the power outages as a reasons to charge people more to raise the money to improve the infrastructure and prevent future outages.