Forget the review; scrap Bill 29

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Recently the government announced that former premier Clyde Wells, Doug Letto and Jennifer Stoddart will head a committee to study Bill 29.

The first question I ask, how much will this cost the taxpayers? I would say in the six figures for sure and then I ask, why?  

We elect people to represent us and make decisions and according to the public, 76 per cent are against this bill. So, wouldn’t it be logical for the government just to scrap this bill and save the burden on the taxpayers.

No, that is common sense, something that a lot of our educated, elected officials lack.  Typical of governments to announce that a committee has been formed and hope that it will agree with the government and when the government is questioned their answer is, “Oh we put a committee together and they agree with the government.”

Then the government saves face.

The biggest issue with me is the cost, when almost every night I watch the news I see so many in need, especially health, seniors looking for better living conditions and families trying to feed their families with healthy food.

One of the biggest prices is fresh milk, where you can buy a two-litre of soft drink for a loonie and at least $4.50 for a two-litre of fresh milk. Typical of governments to put Band Aids on major problems, but spend excessive amounts on projects to promote themselves.

One of our biggest health problems is obesity, and Newfoundland and Labrador ranks No. 1 in Canada, especially among children.  

Yet, families can’t afford to buy fresh fruit or milk because of soaring transportation cost (Gulf ferry) and the government does its number best and that is talk — it costs nothing.

I can remember when a few people lost hundreds of pounds and asked the government to cover the cost. Government refused calling it cosmetic surgery. Little did the government know or just didn’t care how much money they saved the health care system?

Question: where were our doctors without borders? Don’t they know that charity begins at home?

So, I say to the premier and his government: call in this committee and tell them and the rest of the province we made a mistake and the government will scrap the bill.

Let’s hope that this will happen and the committee refuses any kind of financial recompense.


Dave Barker

Grand Falls/Windsor

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Which is it
    April 08, 2014 - 12:25

    I understand your frustration but you can't have it both ways. You can't elect representatives to make decisions for you and then demand decisions be based on opinion polls. Tobin tried governing that way and it failed.

  • Doug Smith
    April 08, 2014 - 08:44

    Mr. Barker, you are 100% correct.

    • Joebennett
      April 08, 2014 - 12:54

      How many times do this government screw up. It's certainly time for a change. I'm surprised that they don't roll out new promises prior to VW election. Elect anybody but Danny Breen so we can put DW to bed.