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  • Morris
    April 09, 2014 - 16:26

    ( THIS IS AN AMENDED COMMENT- PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH PREVIOUS COMMENT)There is no doubt that Mr. Bennett's tweet's may be viewed as offensive, inappropriate and in poor taste, however I am certain that they do NOT violate any section of the Newfoundland Human Rights Act! Enough said about that! You are correct with reference to the media use of the term “racially charged” in reference to Mr. Bennett tweets and Randy Simms Telegram January 2010, use of the term ‘ racial profiling” as good examples of the incorrect use of the term.The word Muslim refers to a religion not to a Race of persons! You comment that “ we at the human Rights Commission were pleased to see the premier condemn the controversial messages” and that “ proper procedures were followed in investigating and subsequently acting on the offensive tweets” demonstrates a lack of respect for any future judicial process that may occur and is outside the mandate of your commission. You appear to be saying you are pleased that the Rule Committee of 2014 Leadership Convention of the PC Party of NL decided that “ many of Mr. Bennett’s purported comments are discriminatory based on race”. The very same incorrect use of the word made by Simms and others in the media! The PC Party rules committee can decide as they wish however your venture into this political area is unwarranted and shows poor judgement. Why did you not take the opportunity in your letter to advise that the rules committee incorrectly used the word race with respect to the term Muslim? I would advise the members of the NL Human Rights Commission that in future the Executive Director correspond with the media to at least ensure the appearance of independence! I understand Mr. Cei is employed with the Executive Council - Office of Public Engagement, Government of NL. Perhaps this why the Executive Director did not write the Telegram!