Seal protesters, misinformation and double standards

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Rebecca Aldworth is spokeswoman for the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and I have to say that she and others, when it comes to animal rights, should get the facts first before making any statements to the media.

As we all know every spring, just before the annual seal hunt, these people come out of the closet.

For years, HSUS and Greenpeace have referred to the Newfoundland and Labrador fisherpeople as barbarians and killers of baby seals. I’ve listened to these people, and it is OK for the Innu and Inuit to kill seals but not fisherpeople from the island part of the province.

Is it because we are white? Isn’t that racist?

These people talk about cruelty against animals but have they ever watched the reality television show “Swamp People” and the way they kill alligators?  

The only time we see these protesters is during the seal hunt and the media gives them all the ammunition they need to raise money by giving them coverage.

If the media had ignored them, I'm positive that we would have a prosperous and financial seal hunt today.

An example was when Pamela Anderson and Sam Simon came to St. John’s.

These animal rights’ activists call the seal hunt a horror show — have they ever gone to an animal farm?

Years back, when Greenpeace was on the Northern Peninsula, they sprayed whitecoats with green paint.

This was done to save the baby seals. Little did they know that all of these whitecoats died from starvation.

In a rookery, where there  are numerous young, the only way a mother can tell her offspring is by scent, so when the protesters sprayed the seal pups the scent was broken and nature took its cruel way.

Yet, not one of these protesters was charged. I can remember when two brothers — one in his 70s and the other in his 80s — went out and jig a codfish, something that was once their God-given right. It didn’t take DFO too long to charge them.

In her bio, Rebecca Aldworth claims she is a director of Canadian wildlife issues for the HSUS. Who gave her this title? How come no one in Canada questions her about this title?

There are pictures of her rubbing the back of a whitecoat — isn’t it illegal to harass wildlife?

Where are HSUS and Greenpeace in the summer when we have dozens of birds washed upon our shores full of oil? The only time they are here is during the seal hunt.

Yet, you have to give these groups credit — what they set out to do they did by practically destroying the seal hunt.

The hunt isn’t as financially strong as it was in the past but fisherpeople are still making a living, and we have no one to blame but ourselves, politicians and the DFO bureaucrats.

Remember a few months back when Greenpeace attacked the Russian ship in the Arctic?

The Russians took no crap from them, they just threw them in jail and that is what we should have done in the ’70s. If we had done this, the seal hunt would be just as prosperous now as it was then.

As I mentioned earlier about the “Swamp People” and the cruel way they kill alligators, also, in Arkansas every fall, they have a crow hunt. I’ve seen video of a hunt where 10,000 crows were killed on one weekend and carcasses were just thrown in a pile and burned.

Where were HSUS and Greenpeace?

I guarantee you these people wouldn’t take crap from HSUS and Greenpeace like we have done, and still do.  

 These groups have called us barbarians, slandered the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, harassed the sealers and seals and yet nothing has ever happened to them.

But we break a law and they throw the book at us.

Dave Barker

Grand Falls

Organizations: Greenpeace

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Northern Peninsula, Canada Arctic Arkansas

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  • Hawk
    April 25, 2014 - 07:44

    Blame all this on the Federal Government, they gave IFAW, Green Peace permits to film the hunt. There is a lot of Canadian politicians and senators that support IFAW. These IFAW crowd must be sadist to get a kick out of people killing animals and selling their film for their own gain. I am a sealer for over forty years and to see any animal die cute or ugly is not good. I would never film such a thing, I have way to much respect for a animal, they feed us they cloth us and they give us enjoyment. A seal is born free without a death sentence , and can live up to forty years in the wild. While domestic animals has a death sentence on them the day they were born. These so called animal rights people should help animals that are truly endangered cute or ugly, I guess there's no money for them in that.