Calling for a cellphone crackdown

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In Saturday’s edition of The Telegram, there is a letter from Ted Hillier of Paradise concerning the blatant use of cellphones by inconsiderate drivers. There is nothing in Hillier’s letter that I disagree with.

He is 100 per cent correct when he asks “Do you still not get it that distracted driving has caused death and will continue to cause death as long as you (the inconsiderate drivers) do it?”

I, too, see a multitude of drivers on a daily basis who chose to ignore our laws and by doing so, snub their noses at authority.

Having said that, I don’t lay all of the blame at their feet. The government has to accept some of the blame here.

It brought in laws that are supposed to curb such practices, yet instead of this abuse decreasing, it is increasing.

And why is it increasing? Enforcement is all but non-existent. Fines, if imposed, are a joke.

Here’s a suggestion for all of you overpaid, underworked, strangely silent politicians. (Hello Frank Coleman... are you there?)

Create a special constabulary force whose sole purpose is to ticket cellphone abusers. There are enough offenders out there to pay for the salaries, vehicles and any other needs that these officers would need.

The government would be rolling in money in no time flat, were you to undertake an endeavour like this.

And no, don’t send this to committee. Do something today.

We are committeed to death. For once, act in the interest of the people and help reduce traffic related deaths due to cellphone misuse and abuse.

Go outside your comfort zone, and make a decision that is of benefit to the people, and not big business.

Show us that there are still some of you up there on the hill who have a backbone.

Remember that a general election is not all that far away, and the people of this province will gladly let you know what they think of you come voting day.

Just sayin’.

Terry Alexander

St. John’s

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