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One can only hope that Scotiabank is more accurate with their accounting than they are with their time-keeping.

The large digital clock in the courtyard at its downtown location on Water Street has been “precisely” displaying the wrong time for several months now.

The time is incorrect by between 40 and 50 minutes, so it is not a trivial discrepancy.

Anyone relying on the clock to catch a bus or attend an appointment is going to be seriously late.

Fortunately, the clock is showing the correct date, so it is still useful as a calendar reference.

One would have thought with the clock’s prominent location in the downtown, that the bank would have been more diligent in rectifying the matter. Meanwhile, it ought to consider changing its slogan, at least locally, to “You’re later than you think...”

Jon Wells

St. John’s

Geographic location: Water Street

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Recent comments

  • John
    May 08, 2014 - 06:03

    Desperate to find something to complain about are we?

  • Cashin Delaney
    May 07, 2014 - 23:14

    Bravo. See Kenneth J Harvey on YouTube, on Scotiabank running down the clock on the youngsters. Sad Movie. The European adaptation of the mech. clock, proper, was in the 1300s. Running our lives it is, to this day, like a clock signal in any circuit system. Stanford Fleming tweaked things for us, as this artific proved wonky for wide trains. The monasterys, had a Platonic timing even before pure mechanical clocks - sundials, water clocks, etc. And we added the 60 divisions to the hour - the bells! The second. Hockey, in OT, then you see how plastic is time, when that penalty kill feels like an hour, or the powerplay that lasts fer nuttin! A Malcolm Gladwell, Blink. This clock talk is so Irish, so many of Her philosophers deny time any reality at all.. It is subsidiary, sidereal and ultimately dependent on motion, perceived by mind, so what is it, but made up? Foolishness to get us by. Time is personal, and collective, but not scientific. Growth is possibly a name for the 4th dimension, not time. Time waits for no man, because it doesn't exist. Man waits on time, (and man waits on woman) a fig newton of his mind, (time, not woman) interacting with the clime, letting artificial rhythm time his rhyme. ~Train station, in Dublin, has 4 clocks. Each one Displays a slightly different time. An Englishman remarks on the incongruous situation. The Irishman, at home with present configuration, remarks back to him, "surely it would be three left in a state of superfluity if their hands were showing the same positions?". Jon Wells would have done us better, and seemed more precise to at least submit a satirical value, such as, the clock was 42 minutes off, and referencing The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy. Other than that, this was my favorite LTTE all year, so far. So good, to know that those having the best time of their lives, are not here for good or for long times, but are Eternal, not believing in time per se. How will you all persist through death holding these beliefs in time? If I did not have a super high paying job, a great family, and a pronoid outlook on life, I would start a cult for you all, and absolve you of time, and $€£¥.. Alas, you are on yer owns, bys, grls, faller neigh gurus ok? Watch English League Premiership Darts and reflect on the arrow of time. go see the new set of Coronation St. And reflect on the known true actual fact that There is no time at all, at all, at all. Not 1 Iota!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee
    May 07, 2014 - 17:10

    For christ sakes wheres the news,Wear a watch if you want to keep time.