Premiers and payouts

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In recent weeks, many people (myself included) have been voicing serious concerns about the ability of Frank Coleman to govern our province as premier.

After all, he has no previous experience in this field and, Lord knows, it’s a huge responsibility and the demands made on this office are almost too frightening to contemplate.

However, our current premier, Tom Marshall, has taken certain actions lately to cause me to have second thoughts about the whole affair.

Let me elaborate.

The current premier had the experience of several portfolios — including finance.

He, above any other politician, should know the absolute necessity of frugal management of our fiscal affairs.

Not so long ago, in fact, he remarked that he might have to borrow in order to pay the bills.

Yet, in spite of this admission of near-bankruptcy, he acted like a drunken sailor and threw caution to the wind when he appointed a commission of three individuals to study Bill 29 and make recommendations to government.

The cost of this decision will undoubtedly be enormous — an expense which is totally unnecessary and we cannot afford, since you and your government, sir, should solve this issue yourselves with little or no expense.

This is scandalous behaviour on the premier’s part and he should be held accountable.

He has the experience and yet proceeded to govern in this manner. I’m beginning to think that Mr. Coleman might be a welcome change.

But wait … there’s more

Then, I open my newspaper of a few days ago (Telegram, May 2) and am blown away with the blithe manner in which the premier tells us that a major shuffle of cabinet has taken place and, in spite of the fact that this is already a bloated body, it will become larger because he has added a new member.

Just like that!

On the whim of the premier! (Or is this just plain dirty politics, since all cabinet ministers are involved?)

Again, the cost of this action will likely be in the millions of dollars — an expense for which the taxpayers of this province should never have to foot the bill.

But what do we do — except write letters to the press?

Mr. Premier, what in the world has happened?

Not so long ago you showed promise of a new approach to government.

It looked as if you were going to lead a government where you would be managing events rather than be managed by them; a government to be in charge of good, constructive programs for all residents of this province.

We had hope — and we welcomed this refreshing change.

But what do we get?

Your recent decisions, it seems to me, fly in the face of reason and deny all sense of accountability.

Someone, eventually, is going to have to pay dearly for these senseless acts of wasted resources and that “someone” will be, as it always is, the taxpayers of our province.

I can only say, God help us all.


George Martin


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Recent comments

  • Right on
    May 15, 2014 - 12:53

    George is right on. The reason for the cabinet shuffle was to get King out of Justice as he was failing miserably at the job. In order to try to save the party some embarrassment Marshall made a few other moves to try to show that King was not the reason but rather it was one of the regular shuffles. Tracey Perry was given a little responsibility as the people of the south coast has no confidence in her and know that she is not capable of running a cabinet file. This now bumps her pay, bumps up her pension and will try to give her something to talk about when the next election is on the go. If she does not get elected the next time around Perry won't get the full benefits of her pension. George is right, this is very expensive for us as tax payers. The biggest let down in this is that Marshall is putting his party's ahead of the people of the province when he could have saved money just by taking King out of justice. The re-visit of Bill 29 should not have happened. Again to save face for the party. It should have been debated and studied before it was passed, not now and it should be repealed as that is what the tax payers want. Marshall is really working hard to build the party and not the province and in doing so he is becoming a bigger let down than Kathy Dunderdale and Roger Grimes were. I too now really wonder if Marshall was capable of running the province. I know the man and had a lot of faith in his ethics but we all can see now he has none. If elected again, Coleman should think hard about putting King back in cabinet. Let the people of his district have him, but the rest of us wants nothing to do with him. He will drag Coleman and his crew down if he is given a cabinet seat. King has become a costly experience for the government and is now a bigger liability than an asset and at our expense. Smarten up Tom. Don't sell your out to one of your party loosers.