Weather Network needs a map

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We are currently spending some time in Calgary. It is May 3 as I write this but the weather outside says it is more like January.

Today we are grounded as we look out our window at a big snowstorm about to paralyse northern Alberta and wreak havoc on special weekend activities in Calgary and surrounding areas. This morning we tuned into the weather channel to see what it is like in other regions of Canada. We, of course, are mostly interested in the weather back home.

As usual, the meteorological giant Weather Network ignored Newfoundland and stopped at Halifax. I am not acutely sensitive to the non-reference to our province, but this is happening over and over and over again.

To get the weather report I had to go online and check in with our provincial forecast from Environment Canada. There, I was informed we were enjoying some of the nicest weather of the weekend across the country.

The Weather Network should be advised that Canada stretches far beyond Halifax. All they are doing is irritating people at home and, indeed, hundreds of thousands of Newfoundlanders working elsewhere, especially in areas like Fort McMurray.

The same weather channel, though, was quick to jump on the cutesy story of the dead blue whale lying on the beach in Trout River. They featured that story frequently during their brief interludes between weather reports.

One thing I will give them credit for though, unlike a lot of television reports from this area, they did not refer to us as being down on “The Rock” — another handle I detest.


Bill Westcott

Clarke’s Beach

Organizations: Environment Canada

Geographic location: Canada, Northern Alberta, Calgary Newfoundland Fort McMurray.The Trout River

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