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I wonder if it is dawning on many people yet that the most secure method of sending your confidential information, love epistles or secret commercial data is a good old letter with a now 85 cent Harper stamp.

Just think a minute. In the United States, the National Security Agency has been scanning all Internet information for years, as has our Communications Security Establishment Canada (Eric Snowden); the Chinese are hacking everything; we’ve only just heard about the Heartbleed Bug which has been in place for two years without anyone knowing; Target has had its secure customer information hacked twice; and eBay is telling over a million people to change their passwords because they have been hacked after a week thinking about whether they should.

Our government under Harper has tried to gain access without any legal oversight to all our personal data with his child predator act, and now he is trying it again with his Internet bullying act, while ordinary Canadians can’t even go to Harper’s governmental or political speeches without being push­ed around and barred by RCMP muscle men.

If you put anything on the Internet, it is the same as throwing it out into the street because it may well be spread worldwide. But a sealed envelope, entrusted to Canada Post and its legally bound postal workers and letter carriers, travels intact. While legal authorities may apply to open our mail, the laws for searching our mail are long established and have been guarded by legal oversight for years. Your letter is also guarded by the cost of obtaining that information and the immediacy of a single envelope at a time.

If a legal authority is allowed to enter our mail, each letter has to be found, opened, read, resealed and sent on its way. Our current information may be seen, but the rest, back for years, cannot be searched with a few clicks on a keyboard. Our previous information has been received by us, dealt with and discarded, only today’s piece of information can be accessed.

So, for your personal security we have a system, a postal system. Yes, it takes longer, but do you care about your own security or is it all right for everyone to know your business, all your business?


P.F. Murphy

St. John’s

Organizations: National Security Agency, Communications Security Establishment Canada, EBay RCMP Canada Post

Geographic location: United States

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Recent comments

  • Red
    May 27, 2014 - 10:40

    The mail isn't the safest method because if someone at Canada Post doesn't steal it they will probably lose it.

    • P F Murphy
      May 27, 2014 - 14:25

      Dear Red, are you a thief and an idiot? No? Well, perhaps you should give things a bit more thought before you libel the postal workers. If you have nothing better to contribute, then just keep your ignorant, fatuous opinions to yourself until you learn how to spell your name and take responsibility for what you write.

  • Kieran Earles
    May 27, 2014 - 04:41

    That's why we need better Privacy laws. The Charter's guarantee of freedom of speech should be upheld. Finally, vote NDP next election.