Do we laugh or cry at this lifelong swindle?

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Over the last week I’ve been treated to the gossip about, and the lifelong manipulations of, the supposedly newsworthy octogenarian, Bruce Parsons.

But unlike his weekend letter supporter, Mary Moylan of St. Joseph’s, I find little to commend his well-entrenched attitudes and behaviours.

His story is that of the entertaining, yet pathetic, flimflam man, exuding rugged independence against family, friends and the social order. Assuredly, there are reasons for his becoming the pitiable martyr to his ego, for his continuing predatory behaviour to those momentarily willing to bail him out.

It’s sad that he might never have experienced nor might never have followed an age-old maternal edict: “now dear, remember as you engage in life’s journey we all must cut our coat according to our (or the available) cloth.”

I’m not certain if Mr. Parsons deserved such ink in your pages, but he has hit a chord with some readers at opposite poles of thought.

If nothing else, we can either laugh at or cry with Mr. Parsons’ simple yet beautiful lifelong swindle. Sad, too, that in all likelihood, he’s too old to learn truth over shame.

If, as Ms. Moylan states, “he speaks for many,” I hope others will not follow his user’s mentality or be befuddled by his facade.

Tim Cummings


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