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I make frequent appearances here on Letters to the Editor, but it has never been to rant about the latest local news because, to be honest with you, there are enough people out there doing that now.
But today I have broken that streak, not to rant about what I have recently read in the news but about the comments that my fellow Newfoundlanders have been posting.

I can recall the years leading up to St. John’s acquiring the IceCaps people here were begging for another team to come to Newfoundland. For anyone who is a huge fan of hockey, and even for some who are not, the smell of the ice and lights on a score board was something that was dearly missed here since the Fog Devils left.

Were you not happy when you heard the announcement that an AHL team was coming here? Were you not saying “God love Danny!” for weeks after the announcement and for months after the drop of the first puck? I don’t know a single person who wasn’t happy about it. After all, couldn’t be that bad if they have been sold out every game since their first appearance here.

So, you can understand my shock when I read the comments under the articles about Danny Williams being unhappy about the IceCaps potentially being unable to play on their home ice. One gentleman said “Oh King Danny always has to have his way” while another stated that he thought it was ridiculous that because Danny has so much money he thinks he should get preference.

You guys should be ashamed.

It is a well-known fact that it is impossible to make everyone happy, and in Newfoundland that statement is more like a promise.  

It seems as though most Newfoundlanders have turned into spoiled rotten two-year-olds asking for a treat but can’t make up their mind which one so they ask for everything.

Danny Williams provided an amazing service to Newfoundland when he was premier, and again when he provided us with the IceCaps. He worked hard for that and I think he deserves a little more respect than the name calling I have seen online.

For those of you who do not care about hockey, and tell all of us to get over it because it is just a game, fine, you don’t like hockey. I get it.

Let’s forget about the game and talk about the jobs that have been provided to a great many people because of the IceCaps.

Even better, how about the thousands of dollars raised during each game going to our charities. The IceCaps raise more money on their 50/50 draws than some of the NHL teams out there!

Lastly, anything that makes money helps to boost out economy! There is so much that the IceCaps and Danny Williams have done for our province, maybe they should get preference.

If it weren’t for Danny bringing the IceCaps here, Mile One would also be vacant 80 per cent of the time. Take that into consideration when you are mocking “King Danny.” The better part of the revenues made at Mile One comes from the IceCaps, so when Danny asks for preference, I think he has more than earned it.

Lastly, I would like to thank Danny for all the hard work you have done to give us a top notch team like the IceCaps. I appreciate it and also I think you are 100 per cent within your right as a business man and as a tenant of Mile One to ask that they accommodate you with this situation.

Amanda Snow

St. John’s

Organizations: IceCaps, NHL

Geographic location: Newfoundland

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Recent comments

  • Stephen  Redgrave
    Stephen Redgrave
    June 05, 2014 - 12:29

    Amanda: you are 'spot on' with your thesis here. I once wrote a light harted comparison of Mr Williams to a modern day "Voltaire" who in the latter phase of his life started to see his lifetime of hard work, and vision..pay off. Somebody has to have a vision in every civilized community. We are fortunate to have more than one, but still--not nearly enough. Waiting around for the people of strength is a futile venture. Like the "Great One" once said " If you don't take a shot--you haven't got one".

  • Thomas
    June 02, 2014 - 11:36

    the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. The doc's booked the site almost five years ago in 2009. Hang on Doc's - we will accept the booking but....there might be an AHL team in 5 years time and hang on...they may make it to the playoffs and in 5 years time we might have to cancel your booking. Gimme a break. And now - I was not overjoyed by the news of an AHL team coming. You see as a possible family activity - night out at an AHL game the cost is just out of our families reach. You see, in this oil soaked province the needs of the average family (the many) are hardly attainable but yet the needs of the few have benefitted from our "have" province.

  • He was over-appreciated and over-estimated!
    June 02, 2014 - 10:45

    He was over-appreciated and over-estimated! As a result we, the saviour followers of the electorate of Newfoundland and Labrador have been taken for a long expensive ride,. We have been set back over the past 10 years as much as we were set back for the previous 55 years of governance. Muskrat Falls has broken our backs!

  • Anna
    June 02, 2014 - 09:30

    You must be one of the kool aid group of Willaims' fans who thinks he can do no wrong. You have to remember, Mr. Willams didn't this for free, he has made alot of money on the Ice Caps as he did when he was Premier. His lack of respect for the people running Mile One is right up there with the bullying ads we are bombarded with by the Provincial Government, you didn't address this in your long letter. I'm just hoping this will be the last I'll hear about Mr. Williams at least for the month of June.

    • Christopher
      June 02, 2014 - 11:37

      Just what exactly have Mile One staff done to garner respect from the public?

  • Morris
    June 02, 2014 - 06:34

    I agree with most of what you say regarding the success of the hockey team at Mile One . Regrettably you choose to stray from a HOCKEY FACT TO A POLITICAL OPINION with your statement, Danny provided amazing service when he Premier! That is not a fact! I agree Mile one should accommodate "if possible" however they can not cancel a confirmed planed convention booked years ago because DANNY MIGHT POSSIBLY require the use of the center! That would be a breach of contract , " a point of law well known to Danny! Go IceCaps Go!!!

  • Dr. Anglaise
    June 02, 2014 - 03:56

    Paging Dr. Anglaise..... Sorry I'm late! This knock-out doctors convention was booked in 2009, IceCaps were slapped together in 2011. The onus was on Himself to address this, he didn't. He did 'reach out' to his loyal fan base with more 'excremental soundbites' aimed at getting his own way, like any 2-year-old with money on the line. They gambled on schedualing, lost, and then assumed the masses would tell the Ether-Sniffers to huff-it-up and go to The Holiday Inn. Amanda you are 100 per cent within your right to hold this opinion. "it is impossible to make everyone happy" when one little guy needs to coerce, as a rule, instead of dealing with people in an adult fashion. If this is not the case, then all 2 year old Danny needs to do is learn English and speak, next time. Use your words Danny, then Amanda may save hers for when she really needs them to count. Is this gonna be the same with Frank? I got a feeling....