Sold: too many downtown parking permits

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In recent days I have raised the ire of the Real Estate Association with my comments regarding the issuance of 33 parking permits in the downtown region for real estate agents.

While this number may seem low based on your perspective, try explaining the rationale behind this to the 1,654 residents who purchased permits this past year. There is little room for argument in stating that downtown residents are already struggling with increased parking demands in such a limited space.

The issue is not specific to misuse, but the rationale behind why these permits should be issued in the first place. The first thing comes to my mind is when you visit an open house in the downtown — do you have access to a parking permit?

As council’s representative for the downtown, I don’t even have access to a parking permit, nor do I intend to ask for one. I, like many other people when visiting a resident, obtain a visitor’s permit from the homeowner and place it in my window for the duration of my visit. Real estate agents shouldn’t trump residential homeowners in accessing residential parking.

The time has come for non-essential service providers to step back and evaluate their need for these permits and do the right thing — return them to city hall.

I have no intention of backing down on representing the best interests of my constituents and therefore, I’m not sold on any argument or justification for real estate agents having access to residential parking in the downtown.


Jonathan P. Galgay

St. John’s Ward 2 councillor

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Recent comments

  • A visitor
    June 05, 2014 - 09:50

    No longer live in the downtown area but my folks do,when we visit our mom and dad we have to do so by riding in each other cars.My parents don't drive so they only hold one parking permit,there are many homes in downtown that now have many apartments all these residents can hold a parking permit each and each apartments can also hold a visitors permit each.There should be only one visitors permit per house regardless of how many apartments are in that house,if they have to take turns using it then so be it.If there is a open house the real estate agent should arrange with their colleges to bus people back and forth to vist this open house.The city knew there was a parking problem downtown when they put that stadium up they should have provided parking,they didnt even think of wheel chair parking when they put that there.No one to blame here only council and they are still allowing houses to turn into many apartments,council are so greedy that they don't care where long term residents park.

  • Robert Spurrell
    June 05, 2014 - 07:33

    As a downtown resident I applaud Councillor Galgay's comments.Homeowners usually have visiters permits .Abuse may not be rampant but that hardly matters when you have no place to park after working all day.Hopefully this is the start of addressing the residential downtown parking issues .Councils recent decision does nothing to address the issues and is flawed.If somebody parked in the Mayors driveway woul;d it be mointored for sebveral days before action was taken.It is the councillors attitude towards downtown residents that needs to change.

  • Morris
    June 05, 2014 - 07:22

    You sir, are 100% correct! THE IS NO JUSTIFICATION for this action by The city! Why are real estate agents selected among others to hold such a privilege! It's discriminatory, and based in membership in a selected occupation!