Harper’s way or the highway

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The recent refusal of the Harper government of Canada to accept an appeal from hundreds of scientists from around the world, begging him to think again about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, came as no surprise.

I don’t think that the sheer volume of scientific dissent will dissuade him — if he won’t listen to his own scientists, he’s hardly likely to pay any more heed to somebody else’s boffins.

The man seems impervious to the findings of sound, logical, scientific research.

There’s probably a name for this disability, but to me, as a layman, it is indistinguishable from plain stupidity.

Unfortunately for humankind, Harper’s scientific myopia is not just ridiculous, it is also dangerous.

He seems no more open to the entreaties of moralists than of environmentalists.

Does he really believe that there is no moral dimension to destroying human habitat ? Harper is ready enough to wave the morality banner in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s face, but back in his own country he places economic progress well ahead of ethical considerations!

This incongruity suggests that Harperism is a very personal kind of political philosophy, so personal, in fact, as to be called solipsism — his own view is the only accurate view.

If  Harper alone sees things as they are, then we have no further need of scientists, environmentalists, moralists or philosophers, but only of Harperists — those who accept his word as The Word.

This self-absorbtion causes him to disregard not only science, but legitimate First Nations’ concerns, local residents’ fears, and any other voice that dares to diverge from his own personal view. Taken to such perilous lengths, Harper’s bumptiousness is pathological.

Several kings of France governed by Divine Right, and so did plenty of English monarchs, but we moved beyond that kind of absolutism long ago. It is simply not sufficient for our prime minister to keep shouting “Le Roy le Veult!” and expect to be mutely obeyed.

Surely Canada can do better than this?

Ed Healy


Geographic location: France, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Nona Mussface-Fnord
    June 06, 2014 - 11:48

    Hitler and Harper may be H-bombs in polite society, but should not be lumped together as one method of power and control. Ed Healy does as well as a Prince C. here, positivily stirring the House of Windsor war cauldron! Hitler differed as follows: 1. He had a magnetic personality 2. A lye-blind political mental patient burnt the parliament to aid his seizing of power; not Jean Chretien or Paul Martin 3. He shot himself in the bunker for being stupid enough to trust insane advisors and get caught up in hokey religions, pyramid&rosycross schemes and the science of Amazing Stories. He was a indeed a vegetarian and lived on Bovril and raw eggs. Not to say he was a weasel, but he was very flexible in policy, and high on the leadership principle. DUM DUM DA DUM. Trudeau for President of the Ignited Static Monar-Democracy of Oil & Mining Companies! What's the difference? Figurefatheheadsofstatic. The old Junkers are not to blame, they have been out of the geo-control game since the first Crimea War. These GIANTS of TheExchanges roll on their own now. Each A corporate Entity in A wild legion of Golems, choking on myopic mission statements but earning a profit at any cost. I hope I have enlightened you all on the difference in our non mustached leader, and the dead man we insisted on rolling thought the Putin'press. the silly people, always, even, when the senate, gets roasted, journalistically and politically, are the problem, not these hollow little men in dire circumstance. Obama makes it look good, but he is shitbaked too I'm sure. It's only now our HD-TVs can show him blushing. Remember people, the violence on tv, on R. Of Doyle, is not war. You don't want to know war, and if more of us experienced it in the west, we would move beyond the whimpers over monarchy, state or even Divine concrete, asphalt and even Almighty sacred cod, and start slowly putting our country back together. Don't let a pipsqueak flashinthepan PM, a footnote in our history, become a self fulfilling prophecy. Hister, that's what Nostrodemus predicted. The poets could'nt a pick a better handle, but don't get the leadership principles confused, they are identical. The men are not. "It cannot be said that Hitler made any attempt to disguise his ultimate dictatorial intentions. He formed no conspiracy, and he set no timetable. He was simply a great improviser." The Ashes of Democracy is a book that really tells the tale of the Reichstag Fire. Trudeau will grow a war beard, is my prediction, and adopt a top hat during martial law? Think not, even John C. Crosbie has given Ball the nod over the dying PC entity. A lifetime ago, on Feb 3rd, "Papin wishes to add a fine for political insults" Papin may be more of an intellectual equal to Harper? This is ridiculous. We are slow-cooking our own democratic process out of all flavour that makes us Canadian, boiled, reduced into a bigot's stock broth. Harper was a twit before twitter, what does that make all of us? North power pawns IT Newbies engorging in Jobs and planned obsolescence and a data-pacification culture.  Even surreal writing starts real conversations. We are the north? What dog whistling alliance reform poppycock grafted onto the basketball playoffs. I want peace for all, not sequels of this, or anymore Robocop movies set in Toronto. That is all. Leafs don't get a cup, Harper, and fnord are done. It all depends on hockey, leafs must win Stanley's Cup, after the celebration, the ghost of Harold Ballard and L Ron Hubbard will appear on the Danforth, ushering us into a Justin Beiber concert providing free purple KoolAid SodaStream pop of truth. We, the recently dead of prophecy & laced grape drink, the just mass-ascended, will all alternate between maple leaf stuffed heavenly mattresses and bacon every eternal morning, frying bodies burning limbs amputated. War for oil and gold, nothing more, and if surrealist bull fluffing is the only way to snap citizens to attention, from out of their retirement dreams, then we may be hypnotized into bailing out GMC and grinding the patience of veterans and indians to make our tax breaks and April Fishing Newfies & Natives early in da mornin with the same old tired press cliches. Repair the social atmosphere, and the climate will suit us fine, whatever it does. Teachers sending letters to the editor with DDay props are irresponsibly hiding behind Grade 5 students. Who cares if they kill the Nigerian girls, if this is the education we will bring them. Go to the East Congo, Tely, stop printing insane armchair war mongrels with their iodine pens in our rib wounds and lets drop the "making the world safe for democracy" bit already, please. Hitler is dead, and so is Edward Bernays. The rejoiceful swap of Harper for Trudeau still leaves us in the same racist, bigoted country led by a pipsqueakpower ranger with no iron in his voice, or plan in mind. Have a nice weekend. Think for yourselves, me and Ed are just out to cash in on the attention given any one politician. What about Harpers MPs? Cowards? Like Grade Fivers, intimidated, told what to think.

  • Angus
    June 05, 2014 - 19:49

    This is not the first time this has happened. Remember the Northern Cod and John Crosbies extra quotas against the advice of scientists? I guess history has a way of repeating itself