A new generation remembers those who served

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Last fall, our Grade 5 class at Clara Brenton Primary School learned about the Second World War, and specifically about Canada’s vital role in Operation Fortitude and D-Day (June 6, 1944).

Exactly 70 years have passed and even though we are only 10 and 11 years old, we have such incredible respect for the courage, bravery and sacrifice our Canadian veterans possessed that day.

Without your brave effort that day, the country we live in today would be a much different place and, quite possibly, wouldn’t be considered the greatest and safest country in the world. We thank you for that and we will never forget what you did for the freedom we have today.

We learned about the massive lead-up to D-Day, code named Operation Fortitude.

The Allies cunningly tricked the Germans into believing the invasion across the English Channel would happen further north.

We really loved that story.

Most importantly though, we learned about how difficult it must have been to approach Juno Beach that morning in a landing craft, knowing that this may very well have been the final moments of their lives.

That is bravery, for sure.

To all of our courageous veterans who either made it home safely to their families or who sacrificed their lives that day for us, we will never forget you. You are heroes to us, every single last one of you.

Students of Chris Constantine’s Grade 5 class

Clara Brenton Primary School

London, Ont.

Geographic location: English Channel, Juno Beach

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  • PashaFist
    June 06, 2014 - 15:10

    War. What is it good for? Brainwashing youngsters! Epic fail. Never let them forget that negotiation tables exist, and business interests are not the same as democracy. Neither is worth throwing a jab over! When you must fight, know what it is for, and the youngsters in those landers that Day, they were fed the same bullshit we are pumping into our 11 year old children, it is 2014, and the save Europe narrative is very, very stale to a student of history. All those people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, also, burned like Coleman lantern wicks, were a part of our allied grand preservation of democracy as well? Human Torches of freedom lit up with Ontario uranium?