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There is a bit of traditional lore about this place that says Newfoundlanders are the only people who are chained hand and foot in Heaven. You see, if they weren’t, they would head for home.

If there is anything on the other side of the grave, John Crosbie’s imitation of Nikita Khrushchev denouncing Josif Stalin taped at the Republic Bar on Duckworth Street during the get-together to remember the life and work of Ray Guy must have had our homegrown version of Dean Swift and H.L. Mencken roaring and slapping his knees amid fits and gales of laughter and then, a day or so later, Danny skated up to the waiting microphones and cameras.

Fireworks. Bonfires on Guy Fawkes’ nights. Outport weddings. Aunt Cissy in her cups. Christmas’s and garden parties. Caplin suppers and fecundity dances at the F.U. Hall in downtown Bung Hole Tickle.

Suppose Frank Coleman (Paveman?) doesn’t last long as premier. When he gets a good look at the province’s books he runs for his life or God calls him home after, say, 30 days or so on the job.

No, I don’t mean any harm or curse to the man but it happens. Didn’t God make John Paul I a pope in 1978 and changed His mind soon after?

Suppose it happens. Then won’t the Progressive Conservative party have to have a leadership convention? Seeing the cat is out of the bag.

Continuing along, suppose John Crosbie decides to toss his hat into the political ring.

As an aside, I will remind you that Eamon de Valera served as president of Ireland at age 91. At 78, Winston Churchill was elected prime minister of Great Britain and served until he was 82. Ronald Reagan became president of the United States at 70 and continued well into his dotage.

If John Crosbie were to announce his candidacy, would Danny Williams run again?

You know, lest the party (PC this time, Liberals then) fall into the wrong hands.

Tom Careen


Geographic location: Duckworth Street, Guy Fawkes, Ireland Great Britain United States

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