The worst premier we never had?

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Taking a page from Paul (Mr. Dithers) Martin’s playbook, premier designate Frank Coleman has decided that he no longer wants the job. Citing a personal family matter, non-health related, we are left to speculate why he would walk out so close to his coronation.

I have come up with a few reasons why he may have so chosen.

1) “This province is huge! I couldn’t possibly travel for weeks by bus, to try to keep the job. My God — the cellphone doesn’t even work in places!”

2) “Have you seen the roads lately? … and many of these I built!

3) “My wife says she is not moving to St. John’s for only one year, so she wiped the smudges off the furniture and sent it all back to our store.”

4) “At first I thought this might be fun, but the people are really angry and think I should fix things. Go figure.”

5) “Serve? Like Bill Barry, I don’t want to serve, I wanted to lead, but no one is following. All hands seem to be following that peasant Dwight Ball.”

My apologies to Mr. Coleman if we find out that this was, indeed, a serious personal matter. I suspect we will find out very quickly … either officially or not.

Laurie Blackwood Pike

(Grandpa Pike)


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Recent comments

  • Lloyd
    June 17, 2014 - 14:20

    I am sure The Telegram can get better news then that. Give me a break, please.

  • Laughable
    June 17, 2014 - 11:33

    Sorry, " Worst " is yet to come. Dwight Ball or Steve Kent.

  • concerned
    June 17, 2014 - 08:27

    the reasons the pc party cant get a leader is because former danny Williams is sticking is nose in hes still running the party behind the seane he cost danny breen is try he was a good man