You don’t need churches to keep the faith

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A recent story in the Telegram outlines the challenges faced by the congregation of Cochrane Street United Church.

The fact is that Christian churches — regardless of either the tradition they are a part of or their location — are struggling financially.

I suggest that grappling with the financial problems which confront churches, including my own, affords those of us who are members of the affected congregations with an excellent opportunity to put into practice those Christian principles which we hear preached from a pulpit and in which we, as Christians, profess to believe.

What a tremendous opportunity to minister. Minister to what you ask? Well, we need to minister to the fact that we believe that we Christians are the church and our bodies are, indeed, as the Bible says, the “Temple of the Lord.”

Furthermore, Christ himself declared that not one stone of the temple would remain atop another in the time before the second coming of Christ.

As Christians who profess to believe what Christ teaches, as recorded in scripture, instead of bemoaning the painful reality that we are struggling to keep the doors of our present places of worship open — and may not be able to do so for much longer — we should be mindful of the fact that as long as there is one Christian left standing, that God, working in and through that individual, will remain both a physical and spiritual presence in the world. We Christians would do well to remember that during his earthly ministry, Jesus fed and healed more people on hillsides, addressing both their physical and spiritual need for healing and nourishment, than he ever did within the confines of the temple.

In short, the Christian church should not be afraid to reinvent itself, if we are to survive. If that means we meet in a smaller building or in a park, so be it, so long as God’s will is made known to people in the world, through the preaching of the gospel, and God’s work is carried out by Christians inspired by God to love and serve God by loving and serving our neighbour.


Herb Morrison

St. John’s

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Recent comments

  • Jeannine Green
    June 25, 2014 - 19:51

    Your letter makes a lot of sense. I think people would meet in houses to pray and to read the bible if there were no churches. I am a regular church goer. There is a spiritual need in everyone of us that requires nurtured. God bless.

  • Morris
    June 25, 2014 - 07:50

    Your quote "the Christian church should not be afraid to reinvent itself, if we are to survive" is the single factual statement you expressed! Science has caused the greatest religious reinvention ever, and continues to challenge Christian churches! Without the indoctrination of young children, as occurs in most Muslum State religions, Christianity will continue to fade, and the sooner the better! Herb, believe what you want, but thankfully, I can also express my disgust at the actions of all world religions, with respect to their treatment of children , ranging from physical mutulation to psychological terror!

  • I beg to differ...
    June 24, 2014 - 13:53

    Look what happened to school system when it went nondenominational!!! It was the beginning of the end....

    • How dare you say it was the end to Denominational Education, it was the Sexual Abuse by the Clergy that caused the end of church attendance.
      June 24, 2014 - 15:05

      No it wasn't the end of denominational education that spelled the end of church attendance, it was the Sexual Abuse that occurred in the Church and even in some schools by the Clergy that spelled the end of church attendance. Also a lot of the criminal activity that is occurring in our province today can be attributed to the Sexual Abuse. by those they trusted in the Church By the way who would want to send their children to church to be possibly sexually abused? The abuse by the Clergy scandal was disclosed more than 20 years ago in our community? Everybody was mortified when they found out that criminal activity was occurring in Churches. It blew the minds of most people.