‘What, me worry?’

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On June 26, Nalcor CEO Ed Martin told the people of this province he is comfortable with the cost envelope for the Muskrat Falls project and how his first megaproject is proceeding.

Do you remember the then honourable John Crosbie sticking the sobriquet “The Honourable Pinocchio” on the then right honourable federal finance minister Marc Lalonde?

How about your memories of the greatest American news magazine of all time, Mad, its gap-toothed goofy spokesman Alfred E. Neuman and his mantra for all apocalyptic occasions — “What, me worry?”

Then there still is the iconic Pete Seeger and his Vietnam War era protest song, “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.”

Now, every time I read the papers, “That old feelin’ comes on/We’re waist deep in the Big Muddy/ And the big fool says push on.”

As for me, I will stand with Dave Vardy and Ron Penney, J.F. Collins, Des Sullivan and his yarry uncle, Cabot Martin and all the others. If they’ll have me. Knowing a little bit about the history of this place, I am uncomfortable as hell.

Martin also spoke at his news conference of the temporary dome, the $100-million covering proposed by Astaldi to allow winter construction at Muskrat Falls.

Is it wise and sound construction practice to artificially increase the length of the construction season in a northern climate to build a hydroelectric dam, power house and spillway of concrete?

I know concrete for such structures is placed, not just poured like basement walls or sidewalk slabs.

The proof of a pudding is in the eating and the proof of engineered concrete is in its proper and natural curing.

Is this proposed dome a shortcut by Ed Martin and Gilbert Bennett to have first power from Muskrat Falls by 2017?

More importantly, will the use of a dome or any such enclosure or hoarding compromise the service life and structural integrity of the concrete at Muskrat Falls?

Tom Careen


Geographic location: Big Muddy, Vietnam, Muskrat Falls

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  • Soft Core Dissent
    July 14, 2014 - 02:46

    First of all, Paul Krasner's The Realist was better than Mad Magazine by far. Secondly Tom, you don't stand with those guys you praise and they do not stand together. You are all on your own stumps calling out the hydro-cabal like blind preachers sniffing out Satan. The status and identity-seeking amateur dissenters have not made a collective pushback but only little disjointed forays into nitpicking a facet of the project here and there as their wives allow them the liberty to make public fools of themselves. Mine will not. No one of any intelligence with the power to affect outcomes reads these old letters-to-the-editors Tom. Now that Jimmy Savile is dead and confirmed as being a practicing and devout paedophile his whole life, a curious phenomena, that reminds me of MF, is witnessed in the British media. When our dirty Muskrat is finally drowned in controversy and buried (no decommissioning plans remember - ignoring the JRP) and the federal money tap is turned off we will see these dissenters being joined by those now happily profiting, admitting – how’d they do it!?! – how’d they hide all this in plain sight since the late 70’s? These muskrat dissenters are hardly the patriots they wish they were and are maybe all LIBERALLY waiting to enjoy the FALLOUT. This newspaper is not interested in investigative journalism but only in garnering advertizing and providing a fallout shelter for Ball and his Non-opposing Opposition. Unless these dissenters unite to form a party and challenge LIB-CON paradigm they are useless to us. It matters not what Ed Hollett or Gnarley get right. No, they are less than useless – they are harmful as the media who fed and fed on Savile’s celebrity. Ed and Des would not live without feeds of muskrat – daily. Now that Savile nor his legacy is profitable as a charity-utility he will become profitable as ‘dead lightning rod’ for ongoing crimes - a topic of expose books, scandalous movies and such things cherished by dissenters much more than gov reform or protecting and believing abused children/rate payers. You can’t blame the BBC, the CBC or the Tely for stupid people who let soft-dissent-gurus help perpetuate the buggering by setting the weak tone. (Deepak Chopra in Torbay?) Disclaimer: This muskrat/paedophile analogy in no way at all implies that any of our current MHAs or Nalcor Executives have any desire whatsoever to have sex with any of our children on the sly, or in plain sight, for that matter. It merely holds parallels in how celebrity and the role of media function. From In Plain Sight: “But then, it's all about power. Perpetrating abuse. Covering up abuse. Everything about Savile's story is the story of power. The power he had over his victims. The power he acquired through his establishment contacts. The power of his fame. Who Savile was and why he did what he did remains frustratingly opaque, though plenty of suppositions are put forward. His intense relationship with his mother and his unwillingness to ever talk about his father. His first sexual experience, which he didn't see as abuse but which we probably would today. As a young teenager, a woman thrust her hands down his trousers and coldly "took what she wanted", a pattern eerily close to his behavior towards his own victims. The fact that Davies discovered Savile's older brother, Johnnie, had lost his job as the entertainment officer at south London's Springfield psychiatric hospital for sexually abusing a patient. A family of seven, he notes, produced two sons who were sex offenders.” http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/jul/13/jimmy-savile-man-who-knew-him-best-dan-davies-in-plain-sight I could go on and on about Jimmy and Johnnie being the lower and upper Churchill and the woman who “took what she wanted” being Quebec and the Mother being Britain and the Dad was Innu…and on and on and on. That won’t stop the project any more than Tom’s Look-At-Me-I’m-A-Dissenter-Letters but it will increase my status and identify as a soft-dissenter out for my own ego’s increase. Look at the time I’ve wasted here tonight!! Just buy Dan Davies book and read it with your Rivers & Children in mind.